ABC Look Ahead – Here’s Whats Happening! Summer Fun & More…

Summertime for ABC is always filled with lots of racing, auctions, events, and activities! Check it out!

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ABC -Monthly Barn Box:
Make sure to sign up for the ABC – Monthly Barn Box subscription! Everyone is having such a great time opening their boxes and finding all the amazing surprises…

Optional Accessories:
We have Optional Accessories for your Horses and Ponies in the ABC Main Shop. Dressing up your horse or pony is so much fun to see what combinations you can add.

Starting on Thursdays we have 4 days packed full of adrenaline causing racing… great for participants and spectators.
Thurs/Fri – 5 pm SLT
Sat/Sun – Double Header 1 pm SLT and 5 pm SLT

Auctions are where it is at! If you are breeding and selling or just trying to see what is going on in the market and community… Go visit and see what is happening, meet some new friends, and see all the amazing horses and ponies for sell… you will not be disappointed.


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Have a fantastic ABC week!

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