3rd Party ABC Horse & Pony Shows

Owner: Dixieland

Dixieland Show Arena Teleport

The Dixieland Schooling Shows and Show Jumping Series are designed to promote Skill, Creativity, and Believability in ABC in a realistic horse show setting! Dixieland Schooling Shows and Show Jumping Series are at 6:00 pm SLT, Wednesday nights at the Dixieland Show Arena.

Each week riders may compete for points, trophies, ribbons, and Linden Love! At the end of the series, the top 10 riders with the most points accrued in each class will be invited to compete in our Series High Point Shows and Grand Prix Show Jumping Competitions! See the Information Boards for full details on Show/Jumping dates and times for each series.

Show Jumping is held Wednesdays @ 6 pm and Jumping Practice and Training is held Monday evenings @ 5:30 pm SLT. All information is posted at the Dixieland Show Hub by the arena along with A “Show Pack” with more details.

The arena is open to all for practice and you are free to ride the horses provided at the arena or bring your own! Show staff will be on hand at the Show Arena every Monday 6:00 pm SLT – and we invite you to “Join Us for a fun practice sessions !”

All entries to the Dixieland Schooling Shows and Show Jumping Series are free to enter and are open to untrained ABC horses of any breed. Keep an eye out for announcements for more fun classes and shows for ABC Pets, Ponies, and Mules.All decisions of the judges are final. No Exceptions!

The top 10 competitors with highest accumulated point total for the series will be eligible to compete in The Dixieland High-Point Shows and Grand Prix Jumping competitions. Awards will be announced at the end of each class.

• 1st Place: Trophy, Large Ribbon, *Show Portrait, and $1000L
• 2nd Place: Large Ribbon, *Show Portrait, and $500L
• 3rd Place: Large Ribbon, *Show Portrait, and $350L
• 4th Place: Ribbon, *Show Portrait, and **Special Raffle Entry
• 5th Place: Ribbon, *Show Portrait, and **Special Raffle Entry
• 6th Place: Ribbon, *Show Portrait, and **Special Raffle Entry
• 7th Place: Ribbon, *Show Portrait, and **Special Raffle Entry
• 8th Place: Ribbon, *Show Portrait, and **Special Raffle Entry

* Show Portraits are taken at the end of each show on the photo stand
**4th – 8th Place Very Special Raffle will be drawn at Dixieland High Point and Grand Prix
For more information grab the “Show Pack” located by the grandstands!

For questions contact Rebekah Exonar by notecard in world.

Owner: Beauregard15 Resident

Green Acres Horse & Pony Show

Our show is intended to encourage the breeding of ABC horses and ponies for show traits and vanities.

Shows are held weekly, with 14 horse breeds featured each week. Breeds are presented in alphabetical order throughout the 5-week show cycle.

There will also be three weekly Pony divisions, divided into breeds A-E, F-K and L-Z.

Registration for each weekly show opens Sunday at 12 noon SLT and closes Wednesday at 12 noon SLT.

Each breed will have a designated display stand with room for 10 horses and ponies. One entry per stand is allowed. There is no other limit to the number of entries an owner is allowed.

A horse or pony must be at least 3 days old at the time it is registered. Pets are allowed, Mares who either have a foal or are expecting during show week may be entered, however, the foal may not be substituted for the mare during the entry process.

Judging will be conducted by a panel of 3 judges who will work independently of each other. The final results will be determined by totaling the judges’ scores for each horse or pony.

There will be a trophy and ribbon for each Best of Breed winner. Second and third place finishers will also receive ribbons.

A weekly awards presentation will be held at the undergrounds arena each Saturday at 2 pm SLT. All Best of Breed winners will be placed on the arena display stand by their owners or designated proxies at this time. If a winning horse or pony is not available for showing, it will be replaced by the second place finisher in the appropriate category.

A free raffle of 15 donated show quality horses will be held following the awards presentation.

We appreciate the support our show has received from ABC breeders since its inception in 2019!

Please submit a ticket and tell us about it!