3rd Party ABC Horse & Pony Shows

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Green Acres Horse & Pony Show

We will be having weekly competitions for horses and ponies. There will be 20 horse breeds and four pony divisions per week, with the winning horse and top two ponies in each division qualifying for Best in Show awards.

A championship event, called the Breeders Memorial, will be held at the end of each four-week show cycle. The first and second ponies from each weekly event shall be eligible for this competition.

Here are our basic rules and instructions:

1) Each exhibitor will be allowed to enter one horse or two ponies per display stand. If two ponies are registered for a division stand, they must be from different breeds. Standard minis, shaggy minis, curly mins and and bebe pegasus minis are considered different, and any two may be entered in the mini pony divisioni

2) Your entry must be a minimum of 3 days old at the time it is entered. Registration will open for all horses and ponies, including pets, at 12 noon SLT on Sundays and close at noon SLT on Tuesdays..

3) All entries must be named. An unnamed horse or pony will automatically be disqualified

4 Horses with special coats will not be allowed. A special coat is defined as one that will not pass through the gene pool, such as the Mehndi 2017 coat on the Drum Horse.

5) If your horse wins Best of Breed in a show, you must skip at least one show cycle before reentering it. If your pony wins Best of Division, it may not be reentered for the following four shows.


1) Find the correct breed stand

2) You may place your horse or pony on any one of the numbered panels. The number given by the collection device is merely to track the number of entries.

3) Pay the 25L administrative fee. There will be a collection box in the form of a small horse figure on the left side of each show stand, located near the #1 panel.

3) You may place your horse or pony on any one of the numbered panels. The number given by the collection device is merely to track the number of entries. If the entry fee is not paid, your horse/pony will be disqualified.

4) Once an entry is placed on the stand, it may not be replaced. Period. No exceptions. If switched, it will be an automatic DQ. If you enter a mare with a nursing foal, only the mare is eligible under show age guidelines

5) Using the horse/pony menu, hide all texts except for the “Full” line and turn off motion.

6) Make sure you set out the correct feed for your animal. Also make sure you have an adequate food supply in your ABC consumables account.


1) Registration for alll horses ages 3 and up, including pets, will open Sunday at 12 noon SLT and close Tuesday at 12 noon.

2) First round Judging will be conducted in a 24-hour period starting Tuesday at 3pm SLT. The top horse and top two ponies from each division qualify for the Best in Show judging round, This will commence when all eligible horses and ponies are on the designated stands in the show arena. Owners of the qualifying equines will be notified either by IM or notecard.

3) Contestants will be advised when to pick up their horses/ponies via both group announcements and group chat. Please keep your Green Acres group message option open to receive these announcements.

4) The show awards ceremony will be held Saturdays at 2 pm (1400) SLT. The top three finishers for Best in Show receive ribbons and trophies. Division winners will also be awarded trophies and ribbons will be given to the top three finishers in each division.

5) There will be a raffle featuring 15 horses and ponies displayed on a a stand in the show arena. After these equines are given away, a Mystery Raffle. This raffle will consist of 20 unnamed horses and .two mules given away by random drawing from the show owner’s inventory or a designated representative. There are no restrictions as to who may enter the raffles or limits to how many equines a participant may win.


We have a relatively small land parcel and limited availability of prims. We wish to reduce lag as much as possible and this will require the cooperation of all participants. A script counting board at the show grounds landing point; please check your status upon arrival. A count between 50-100 is within acceptable limits. If your name appears in red, please make an effort to reduce your scripts below the danger zone by removing unnecessary HUDs, jewelry, etc or we reserve the right to remove you from the sim until such time as script counts are under the limit. It is recommended that you check out your planned show outfit on the script board in advance of the awards ceremony.

Your cooperation with these rules is necessary but also is appreciated!

Thank you,

Green Acres Horse & Pony Show Management

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