Vanity Fairest Refer A Friend Quest

Refer a friend to compete in the ABC Vanity Fair Horse Show to earn a pair of designer starter horses, badges, & coins!


A brand new repeatable quest you can complete as many times as you like. Your friend must list you as the person who referred them when they register to compete and they must compete for you to be eligible. Each friend referral and successful completion can earn you one of each of the following per Vanity Fair Show: 

1 Pair of Starters

A unique special set of male and female starter horses. See Poster Above

1 Badge

Each time you successfully refer a friend and they compete will earn you one VFHS Refer a Friend Badge. Collect 5 to earn the next prize.

35 Coins

ONLY AFTER you have collected 5 Badges - you will receive 35 Coins.

Have your friend follow these 3 easy steps to win!

Log in to MyABC and then choose Register under the VanityFair Menu.

Step 2

Fill in the required information to register your pony or horse. Next, select Friend from the Where did you hear about us drop down menu and type in the name of the person who referred you in the comments tab.

Step 3

Follow the rest of the normal Vanity Fair registration process.

1: The person you referred must not have competed in a VF for the last 3 months.
2: You will only receive 1 set of Vanity Fairest Referral Starters per Vanity Fair, even if more than one person says you referred them.
3: The person who said you referred them must compete for you to win the prize. To compete, they have to pay the fee and dress in a themed costume and decorate their horse.
4: You do not need to compete, but you are encouraged to compete 😊
5: The person who was referred does not win the prize too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The referral prize is a pair, one of each color of the current set being used.

Yes – but only one set of boxed horses and 1 badge per Vanity Fair.

Yes. – but you will still only win 1 set of prizes.


We will make every attempt to send the prizes within 24 hours, but it make take up to 72 hours, if your referral friend participates in costume at that show.

No – these are starters and behave as starters – they do not pass anything.

No. They are special collectible starters.

Yes, just like any other starter.

No but you will still only win 1 boxed set and 1 badge per Vanity Fair.

Yes. They must have an ABC Consumables account.



They must create a costume and show just like everyone else.

Yes, just like every other special starter.

There is a crown and a tiara accessory that may be turned on and off.