Welcome To ABC Racing

It is our goal to make your racing experience as fun as possible, while maintaining standards that keep our races fair and equal for everyone. Below you will find basic racing information to help you get started.

Qualifying Levels

A horse may enter a race at its Qualifying Level (QL) or at one level below its QL. By clicking on the Horses Stat button in the horse’s menu, you will find two numbers.

-The Genetic QL

-The Training QL

-Sprint: Genetic QL: 4 Training QL: 3

Therefore, this horse would only be able to participate in a QL3 race until it has additional training that changes its Trained Index (TI) to a QL:4. Then it would be able to enter a QL4 race, which is the maximum QL for this particular horse. NOTE: This horse may NEVER enter a QL2 (or lower) race or a QL5 (or higher) race due to its Genetic QL being a QL 4.

Length of Races

The finish of each of our races is determined by how many times the horse crosses the finish line. The chart below shows each of our races, and how many times the horses must cross the finish line.

Race Types:

Small Flat, Large Flat, Kaiila, Sled Pull, Sprint, Steeplechase, Horse Sulky, Pony Cart and Thoroughbred.


Sm & Lg Flat

Sled Pull







Gate B

Gate A

Gate A

Gate B

Gate A

Gate A

Gate B


2  3/4 Laps


1/4 Lap

1  3/4 Laps

1  1/4 Laps

1  1/4 Laps

2  3/4 Laps


3 Times

3 Markers

1 Time

2 Times

2 Times

2 Times

3 Times

Jockey Class

First, check the ABC Calendar for our upcoming Jockey Classes.

You must arrive on time; once the attendance for the class has been taken those are the only tests that will be graded.

Please make sure that you have Registered  (click on the word “Registered”) on the website prior to attending class. Once again if we have a test but you’re not Registered your test will not be graded and you must attend the class again.

Our class is done on voice please have it enabled when you arrive. If you are hearing impaired please let us know, we are more than willing to hold a text based class.

Hands On Class

Hands On training with the RA Officials and the jockeys together. Check the ABC Calendar for dates and times.

Horses are provided, you just need to show up at the track!

If you’re wanting to learn as much as you can, COME on DOWN! Let’s have some fun!!!

All certified jockeys are welcomed and encouraged to join us!

Time Trials

Bring your race horses and ponies over to the track and see how they perform! Check the ABC Calendar for dates and times.

See you all there! Again, all certified jockeys are welcomed and encouraged to join us!

Jockey Mentors

venera74 Resident, Zillah Drake & Johnnyvegas77 Resident

If you would like to be a jockey mentor let us know and we will add you to the list!