Boxed Horse & Pony List

This page is to assist in choosing a box horse or pony if you win a raffle. It does not contain every box horse/pony released, only the ones you can choose as a prize.



Anniversary Horse
Anniversary 2012-Morgan
Anniversary 2013-Orlov Trotter
Anniversary 2014-Lusitano
Anniversary 2015-Deliboz
Anniversary 2016-Westphalian
Anniversary 2017-Anglo-Arabian
Anniversary 2018-Knabstrupper
Anniversary 2019-Poitevin
Anniversary 2020-Abyssinian
Anniversary 2021-Sorraia
Anniversary 2022-Mountain Pleasure Horse
Anniversary 2023-Turkoman
Cloud Ranch Horses
Hera-American Saddlebred
Ra-God of Sun-Egyptian Arabian
Ares-Norwegian Fjord
Zeus-Suffolk Punch
Coin Horses
Elemental Earth-Black Forest Horse
Elemental Water-Mangalarga
Elemental Air-Pintabian
Elemental Fire-Waler
Referral Horses
Brabant-Kirin (Horse Referral16)
Hanoverian-Monster (Horse Referral14)
Regular Box Horse
American Cream Draft
Ardennes-Xmas in July
Avian Pegasus-M
Avian Pegasus-F
Barrens Kaiila-Tribesmen
Belgian-RFL Endurance 2012
Belgian-Fibromyalgia Wellspring 2012
Brandenburger-Love Notes 2018
Budyonny-Easter Carousel 2015
Carolina Marsh Tacky-Green Celtic
Criollo-Chinese Dragon
Desert Kaiila-Tor
Dutch Warmblood-RFL Carousel Dreams 2014
Forest Kirin
Gypsy Vanner-Winter Snowflake 2015
Holsteiner-Stars and Stripes
Icelandic Horse-Bon Voyage 2020
Mongolian-T4T Sergeant Reckless
Oldenburg-FM Cares 2013
Oldenburg-RFL Wish 2013
Pegasus-Raven Mist
Percheron-RFL 2011
Plains Kaiila-Omen
Poitevin-Love You Babe
Rocky Mountain Horse-Toys For Tots 2013
Spotted Saddle Horse-Liebe Blume 2019
Swedish Warmblood-Rock Your Rack 2019
Tennessee Walking Horse-RFL Hope 2013
Tiger Horse-Year of the Tiger
T4T 2011-American Standardbred Black Male or Female
T4T 2011-Thoroughbred Black Male or Female
T4T 2011-Quarter Horse Black Male or Female
Spring Paschal 2022-Goldenrod
Spring Paschal 2022-Plum
Autumn 2022-F Equinox
Autumn 2022-M Elwood
Summer 2023-Skye
Summer 2023-Sol
Red Velvet 2020
Drow 2020
Tannenbaum 2020
Lavender Cupcake 2021
Frosty The Snowhorse 2021
Burly Irish Luck
Jammy Irish Luck
Zebra Grants 2022
Silver Ice 2022
Spirit of Yuletide 2022
Zodiac Horse Starter
Captain Avian Starter
Crystal Christmas 2023 Blush
Crystal Christmas 2023 Ice
Birthstone 2023 – Garnet
Birthstone 2023 – Amethyst
Birthstone 2023 – Aquamarine
Birthstone 2023 – Diamond
Birthstone 2023 – Emerald
Birthstone 2023 – Pearl
Birthstone 2023 – Ruby
Birthstone 2023 – Peridot
Birthstone 2023 – Sapphire
Birthstone 2023 – Opal
Birthstone 2023 – Topaz
Birthstone 2023 – Blue Zircon
Birthflower 2024 – Carnation
Birthflower 2024 – Violet
Birthflower 2024 – Daffodil
Birthflower 2024 – Daisy
Birthflower 2024 – Lily Of The Valley
Birthflower 2024 – Rose
Past Gacha-Horse: Click here to see the Gacha Page for individual color choices.
Spring 2016
Day of the Dead
Mehndi 2017
Butterfly 2018
Cosmic 2018
Kaiila 2019
Gemz 2019
Jungle Critters 2020
Zebra Grants 2020
Cottontail 2021
Anniversary Pony
Anniversary 2014-Kerry Bog
Cloud Ranch Ponies
Odin-American Sport
Referral Pony
Gotland-Kirin (Pony Referral16)
Newfoundland-Monster (Pony Referral14)
Regular Box Pony
Avian Pony
Bebe Pegasus Mini Pony-Cuter Than Cupid
Bosnian-Toys For Tots Marine Pony 2016
Curly Mini Pony-Baby Chicky
Curly Mini Pony-Baby Ducky
Eriskay-Chinese Dragon
Faeroes Pony-Sleipnir
Galiceno Pony Pair 2021
German Riding Pony-RFL 2018
Lundy-RFL Carousel Dreams 2014
Mini Pony-Sunshine and Rainbows
Polish Konik-Niebieski Dragon
Quarter Pony-Rock Your Rack 2019
Shaggy Mini Pony-Bumble Bee
Yakut Pony-Be My Chocolate Cookie 2021
Spring Blossom 2022-Cherry Blossom
Spring Blossom 2022-Forget Me Not
Gingerbread 2015
Shamrock Gold
4th of July 2016
Rudolph Junior
SL 14th Birthday
Christmas Angel 2017
Snow Deer 2018
SL 16th Birthday-Sandy
SL 16th Birthday-Danny
Crystal Snowflake 2019
Leprechaun 2020
SL 17th Birthday-Bon Voyage
Tannenbaum 2020
Happy 10th Birthday ABC
Frost the Snowpony 2021
Short Irish Luck
Wee Irish Luck
Zebra Pony 2022 Dusty Black
Yuletide Greetings 2022
Zodiac Pony Starter
Lieutenant Avian Starter
Mini Red Riding Hood Starter
Crystal Christmas 2023 Blush
Crystal Christmas 2023 Ice
XOXO 2024
Past Gacha-Pony: Click here to see the Starters & Gacha Page for individual color choices.
Scarecrow 2017
Easter 2019
Zebra Pony 2021