Racing Rules

At ABC we value the integrity of our racing program. We have worked diligently to make it fair to all participants without making the rules so constrictive that the fun factor is lost. Located on this page you will find a link to each of the different provisions of our racing rules. They have been broken up for easier reading and quicker reference.

1. The jurisdiction of the Racing Authority over all rules is continuous throughout the year. The rules of the Racing Authority supersede the conditions of a race or race event and govern all equestrian events. These rules may be altered at any time and notice will be posted on the website of any changes.

2. No one employed by the Racing Authority shall participate in any manner, such as, entering a horse they own or working as a Jockey, in any race.

3. Violation of any provision of these rules, is punishable at the discretion of the Racing Authority by removal or suspension of any license (If there is a violation of the ABC – EULA during an event, license may include horse ownership as well) or by exclusion from all racing events under the jurisdiction of the Racing Authority, or by any combination of these penalties.

4. The Authority may independently punish any misconduct of any person connected with racing.

1. Each Authorized Track Location shall observe and enforce the rules. The license is granted on the condition that the track location, its employees and its concessionaires shall obey all decisions and orders of the Racing Authority.

2. To be considered for becoming an Authorized Track Location, an application must be submitted on the website. Also, the track owners must have already set-up a track that is located alone on a full sim with a second sim attached to it for the purposes of spectator viewing. All Authorized Track Locations will follow the below listed track specifications:

a. All Authorized Track Locations shall purchase their tracks only from ABC – Awesome Breed Creations.

b. All tracks shall be on the ground level of the sim and have the ground texture set to the sand that is included with all tracks.

c. No less than one hour prior to event starting time, the track sim and grandstand sim shall be restarted and go into lock-down. The only people allowed on the track sim will be the Track Manager, the Racing Authority Officials and the Jockeys.

d. Also, each Authorized Track Location must have at least one Track Manager, with Estate Rights, in attendance throughout each equestrian event.

e. All non-racing event items must be removed from the track sim prior to any event starting.

  1. Each Authorized Track Location may impose conditions for its equestrian event as it may deem necessary, provided however, that such conditions do not conflict with the rules of the Racing Authority.
  2. All equipment used to officially record time will be provided by the Racing Authority.
  3. Each Authorized Track Location shall receive an official Race Program for each equestrian event from the Racing Authority. This shall contain the gate number each horse shall run from, the names of the horses, their ages, their owners’ names and silks numbers, and the jockey’s name riding the entry.
  4. The Racing Authority may deny a license to conduct an equestrian event when it determines the proposed event does not fall within the requirements of the Racing Authority.
  5. Each Authorized Track Location shall appoint a Paymaster of Purses, who shall maintain records as the Racing Authority directs. All records shall be separate from those of the Racing Authority and are subject to inspection by the Racing Authority at any time.

The duties of the Paymaster of Purses or their assistant(s) shall consist of the following:

  1. Maintain records, which shall include the name of each horse owner participating in the events that has funds due to them and the payment of those funds.
  2. Receive and disburse the purses and other awards of each race.

i. In the case of multiple events occurring on the same day at the same track, the Paymaster of Purses has the option to pay all Purses at the closing of the last event for that day.

c. Disburse all monies to the entitled individuals or their authorized agent and submit all event records to the Clerk of the Course within 2 hours after the event ends.

i. In the case of multiple events occurring on the same day at the same track, the Paymaster of Purses has the option to turn in their event records within 2 hours of the closing of the last event for that day.

d. To maintain the integrity of the races, no owners of the Authorized Track Location holding the event, or their staff, may enter into the event, if they are working said event. If they are off duty they may enter the event.

1. No person required to be licensed shall participate or attempt to participate in an equestrian event without holding a valid license authorizing that participation.

2. The Racing Authority may refuse to issue a license or deny a license to any person:

a. Who has made any material misrepresentation or false statement to the Racing Authority or its agents in their application for license or otherwise, or who fails to answer any material question on an application for a license.

b. Who is unqualified to engage in the activities, for which, a license is required.

c. Who has violated, or who aids, abets or conspires with any person to violate any provision of the rules or the Horse Racing Law.

*If we have information that you are hiding on an alt account, of a previously suspended avatar, with the intention of cheating in the race program, we retain the right to have both avatars in a voice conversation together. Refusal of this request could lead to license suspension.

  1. If a person wishes to have multiple avatars licensed, each avatar must take the Jockey licensing class and hold its own license.
  2. Every licensee, in order to maintain his qualifications for any license held by him, shall be familiar with and knowledgeable of the rules including all amendments thereto.
  3. An applicant for an original license as jockey shall pass a jockey’s examination before issuance of a license. An applicant shall:

a. Pass the written and practical portions of the examination as prescribed by the Racing Authority and administered by the ABC Education Department.

b. A score of 85% constitutes a passing grade for the written examination.

c. An applicant who fails the written or practical portion of the examination may re-take the failed portion at any ABC Jockey class held at a later date.

d: Must complete one Hands On class.

6. Any licensee who fails or refuses to comply with written or verbal notification to appear before the Racing Authority, shall have their license privileges suspended pending their appearance before the Racing Authority. Failure to appear shall be a separate cause for disciplinary action.

7. All jockeys must adhere to all instructions of the Officials on the track during an Event.


8. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any Jockeys and/or Horse Owners at any Official ABC Event or ABC Chat groups will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action by the Racing Authority and/or Track Owners. This includes, but not limited to, derogatory comments towards other Jockeys, Owners, Race Officials or Track Owners/Managers.

9. Jockeys are prohibited from being dual logged during an event they are participating in.

10. Jockeys may be subject to their license being suspended at the discretion of the Race Commissioner for the following reasons, but not limited to:

a. Inability to control their horse on the track during an event.

b. Unsportsmanlike conduct, as defined above in Rule 8.

11. Disciplinary actions are as follows:

a. First offense; Verbal or written warning with a possible suspension up to one week.

b. Second offense; suspension up to two weeks.

c. Third offense, up to and including revoking license permanently.

d. The Racing Authority reserves the right to alter suspension times according to severity of infraction leading to suspension.

1. The Racing Officials of an equestrian event will be provided by the Racing Authority. Officials can only race in approved Exhibition Races.

2. The Racing Authority shall provide each Authorized Track Location with 4 Officials per event.

3. The Racing Officials are strictly responsible to the Racing Authority for the performance of their respective duties. Any Official who fails to exercise due diligence in the performance of their duties shall be relieved of their duties by the Racing Authority.

4. If the Officials determine a race cannot be conducted in accordance with the Racing Authority rules and regulations, they shall cancel the race.

a. The Officials may declare a race “no contest” if mechanical failure and/or interference (such as a sim crash) during the running of the race which affect the majority of horses in such race. No purses, prizes or stakes shall be awarded.

  1. If there is a mechanical failure or of the tote board/clock system lasting fifteen (15) minutes, the race will be declared “no contest”.
  2. A race shall be declared no contest if no horse covers the course.

5. The Clerk of Scales 1 is the highest ranking authority during the running of an Event. The Clerk of Scales 1 shall be responsible for the conduct of the jockeys on the track. At post time, the Clerk of Scales 1 shall be in control of the gate and tote board operations. The Clerk of Scales 1 shall keep the official record of all race results and submit a copy of the results to the Clerk of Course within 2 hours after the end of every event. These records shall be held for one year.

a. Immediately after the completion of a race, any Jockey and/or Owner that has a dispute and/or complaint regarding another jockey during that race and contacts the Clerk of Scales 1 via instant message shall have their dispute heard. The Officials may thereupon hold an inquiry as to the validity of said dispute.

b. Any disqualification that is called by the Officials on the track will be posted and will allow those disqualified jockeys two (2) minutes to make a claim against their disqualification.

c. No person shall make any claim of interference or foul knowing the same to be inaccurate, false or untruthful. Such claims will result in penalties by the Racing Authority.

6. Any complaint against an Official and/or an Official’s ruling on the track, which is not resolved within the time limits of Rule 6, shall be submitted to the Racing Authority via the ABC Support Ticket System and reviewed by the Race Commissioner.

a. All inquiries to the Race Commissioner of a track decision will be investigated and a written response, via the original ticket in the ABC Support Ticket System, will be given within 48 hours.

7. Any ruling or order issued by the Racing Authority shall specifically contain:

a. The full name of the licensee or person subject to the ruling or order.

b. A statement of the offense charged including any rule number

c. The penalty imposed.

8. The Clerk of Scales 2 is the second highest ranking authority during the running of an event. The Clerk of Scales 2 conducts all pre-race check-ins at the paddocks prior to the Jockeys arriving at the Staging Area. The Clerk of Scales 2 shall be made aware of any changes of jockeys.

9. An Associate Judge is expected to be responsive to the highest ranking official at any equestrian event.

10. The Clerk of Course shall keep a record of all racing entries and shall receive copies of all race results from the track locations.

1. Entries shall be made by the horse Owner completing the entry form located on the ABC website.

a. Horses registered must be:

i. The most current version ABC horse.

ii. An un-bred horse (Stallion or Mare)

iii. Not over 90 days old.

iv. Have a Vitality equal to 100%.

v. Be properly trained to the QL race it is entering.

vi Race ready definitions: 75% Happy, 75% Full

b. All information on the registration must be spelled correct and use full ‘legacy’ names including the last name of “Resident” and have correct capitalization.

c. Entries are considered valid and complete once properly registered on the website.

i. Jockeys are hereby authorized to enter back to back races provided they do not hinder the starting of the next race. i.e. having to retrieve the next horse from a different location or not having proper silks.

d. All registrations close 4 hours before the event. Any changes to entries must be submitted by the ticket system, before registrations close.  Exception: Jockey changes in the paddock.

2. The Clerk of Course is the person authorized to receive entries for all races. The Clerk of Course, employees of their department, or racing officials shall not disclose any pertinent information concerning entries which have been submitted until after all entries are closed.

3. All entries and rights of entry are valid and survive when a horse is sold with his engagements duly transferred. The entries, rights of entry, and engagements remain with the horse and are transferred therewith, to the new owner.

4. In the event a jockey who is named to ride on a mount in a race is unable to fulfill his engagement or is excused by the Officials, during the script-in process, the Owner of the horse may replace that jockey within three minutes. If no satisfactory substitute jockey is available, the Officials will disqualify the horse from the race.

5. Any horse ineligible to be entered for a race, or ineligible to start in any race, which enters into or competes in such race will be disqualified, and the Racing Authority may discipline anyone responsible therefore.

6. The manner of selecting positions of horses at the post shall be by lot and shall be made at the time a horse’s entry is submitted to the website.

7. There must be a minimum of 4 horses entered into a race for it to take place. (paddock dq’s bringing the race to 3 horses or ponies will be cancelled)

a. Registrations are limited to two (2) horses per race per Owner. Ownership of a horse under a lease contract does not transfer to the lessee or user of the horse in ABC. All horses must be registered under the ultimate owner of the horse.

b. A second registration may be opened at the discretion of the Race Commissioner.

c. Horses must be scripted in and be race ready for it to be viable.

  1. Jockey riding fees for Win, Place, or Show, in the absence of a contract or special agreement, are as follows: 10% of Win Purse, 5% of Place Purse, and 5% of Show Purse. A jockey’s fee is considered earned when the jockey has completed a race and the horse has been entered into “cool-down”. The fee shall not be considered earned if the jockey elects to take himself off of his mount. If there is a substitution of jockeys, no additional jockey fee or double jockey fee need be paid. In this rule “Win Purse” means the amount paid the winning horse.
  1. Every jockey engaged to ride in an event shall report within the “Jockey Club” group 30 minutes before post time of the first race and closes EXACTLY 10 minutes later. Each jockey will watch the group and wait for their race to be called “On Deck”, at which time, they shall report to the Paddock area. Every jockey shall script in at the appointed time.
  2. All jockeys taking part in a race must be scripted in by the Clerk of Scales prior to their race starting. A jockey shall be wearing his riding clothing, boots, and jockey shape. If any scripts are found on the jockey, they must de-script.
  3. In the event of a crash, a jockey must log in at home and re-script in within 2 minutes. If a jockey crashes a second time they will be disqualified from the race.
  4. A jockey shall be properly attired for riding in a race, wearing the registered colors authorized by the owner of the horse they are riding. Properly attired as follows: Wearing the shape, jockey tag, have their beacons visible and no mesh of any kind. Exceptions to this rule: Any specialty race, i.e. the Kaiila race.
  5. Each horse starting in a race must be qualified for that race, ready to run, in physical condition to exert its best effort, and entered with the intention to win.
  6. Jockeys going to the post in any race shall race their mount to win, shall give their best efforts in the race to their mount and the public, and shall ride their mount out until the finish line is crossed.
  7. Ownership of a horse does NOT transfer to a jockey who is handed a horse for the purpose of racing. When the race is completed, the jockey is expected to return the horse to its rightful Owner immediately.
  8. If the doors at the front of the starting gate stall should not open due to a mechanical failure or a malfunction of the starting gate, or should a horse not be in the starting gate stall when the field is dispatched, thereby, causing such horse to be left, the Official may declare such left horse to be a non-starter.
  9. No person shall willfully or negligently cause any horse to fail to start and run its race.

10. During the running of the race:

a. A leading horse is entitled to any part of the course; however, when another horse is attempting to pass in a clear opening, the leading horse shall not intentionally cross over so as to compel the passing horse to shorten its stride.

b. A jockey shall not interfere with or cause any other jockey’s horse to lose stride, ground or position in a part of the race where the horse loses the opportunity to place where it might be reasonably expected to finish.

c. Jockeys shall not ride carelessly, or willfully, so as to permit their mount to interfere with or impede any other horse.

d. Jockeys will not cause their horse to gain an unfair advantage or cause their mount to have a false start prior to the gates opening. “Gate Crashing”

e. During the running of a race, Jockeys and horses must stay on the track at all times.

f. At the conclusion of a race, all Jockeys must remain on the track at the specified location and adhere to instructions given by the Race Officials prior to leaving the track.

g. All jockeys in a race must use the saddles that come from the horse in the races. The saddles must be visible. No “Third-Party” saddles may be used.

h. If a Jockey rides in a manner contrary to these rules, the mount WILL be disqualified, and the Jockey MAY lose their certification and any horses they might own.

i. If any activity of a jockey during a race, causes an unfair advantage and there is not a specific rule pertaining to such activity, the Officials on the track may make a call of Unfair Advantage and disqualify said jockey.

11. The jockeys’ scripts will be monitored during the race. The Official may disqualify any horse, whose jockey adds scripts after scripting in but before the horse has entered “cool down”, and shall discipline the persons responsible therefore.


12. If a jockey crashes once the race has started, the jockey must re-log into their home location, NOT their last location.

a. If a jockey crashes after the race has concluded prior to picking their horse up from the track, they must relog home and request permission from the Clerk of Scales 1 via instant message to return to the track to retrieve/set horse in cooldown.

13. A jockey or owner of a horse, who has reasonable grounds to believe that his horse was interfered with or impeded or otherwise hindered during the running of the race, or that any riding rule was violated by any other jockey or horse during the running of the race, may immediately make a claim of interference or foul with the Clerk of Scales 1 via instant message before the race has been declared official.

a. If a disqualification has been made against a jockey, said jockey is allowed two (2) minutes to inquire and dispute their disqualification with the Clerk of Scales 1 via instant message.

b. The Officials may thereupon, hold an inquiry into the running of the race. No person shall make any claim of interference or foul knowing the same to be inaccurate, false or untruthful. Such claims will result in penalties by the Racing Authority.

14. When satisfied the order of finish is correct, all timely objections have been addressed, and the race has been properly run under the rules of the Racing Authority, the Officials shall confirm the official order of finish. The decision of the Officials as to the official order of finish is final.

1. Racing colors shall be registered with the Clerk of Course. No color may bear any symbols or markings which could be interpreted as for advertising purposes. Any difference between claimants to the right of particular colors shall be decided by the Clerk of Course. The registered colors of an owner may not be registered by another, except after 90 days of non-use or abandonment by the registering owner. The owner is responsible for the registration of colors and for their provision to the jockey engaged to ride his horse.

2. Silks must be purchased from Authorized ABC vendors or self-made and comply with our standards for clothing builds.

3. The ABC standards for silks clothing builds are:

a. Silks must have a finished look, for example: collars, sleeve cuffs, buttons down the shirt and at the top of pants.

b. May be sexy, however not smutty.

c. Females may show some belly skin, limited to just above the avatar’s belly button, as well as a slight visible cleavage.

d. Silks must have full-length sleeves and pants.

e. Prims are ok, but NO scripts or flexi-prims are to be allowed.

f. No Advertising

4. To register your silks, utilize the silks registration form on the Official ABC Website.

5. Upon registering a horse to ride, the horse Owner must utilize their registered silks number.

a. The registered silks that can be used by the horse Owner can be their own or their contracted jockeys, provided both are approved and registered with the Clerk of Course.

6: If you owe an outstanding balance to an approved silks vendor, your silks will not be approved.

1. Introduction


ABC – Awesome Breed Creations and its Racing Authority are committed to promoting the positive image of racing by their professional and proper conduct, while expecting the same from the members of the community that are participating in our racing program.

With this aim in mind, ABC has formulated this Code of Conduct (“the Code”) for Licensed ABC Race Horse Owners & Jockeys.

1.2. Purpose

The Code seeks to promote and strengthen the good reputation of ABC racing in Second Life and establish appropriate standards of behavior for all Racing Horse Owners & Jockeys. The primary focus of the Code is to educate Race Horse Owners & Licensed Jockeys on the importance of maintaining appropriate standards and to provide further education, counseling and other assistance to Race Horse Owners & Jockeys whose conduct does not conform to the appropriate standards. 

1.3. Aims and objectives of the Code

  1. Licensed Race Horse Owners & Jockeys should be professional in all matters connected to the racing industry in Second Life.
  2. To observe and abide by the Rules of Racing.
  3. To promote the ABC Racing Program and avoid conduct that could bring it into disrepute.
  4. To respect and co-operate with ABC Racing Authority Officials.
  5. Observe the principle of ‘fair play’ when riding.
  6. Endeavour to act in the best interests of the ABC Racing Program, Race Horse Owners, and Jockeys.
  7. Ride every race on its own merits, keeping in mind the principles of initiative, judgment, and the principle of finishing with as high a placing as possible.
  8. Endeavour to observe the riding instructions given by ABC – RA Officials.
  9. Use their best endeavor to attend presentations wearing colors of the winning horse(s).
  10. To encourage and if asked mentor other Licensed Jockeys.
  11. To treat any sanctioned ABC Track as a workplace.
  12. To maintain, protect and promote the brand and reputation of the ABC Racing Program.

1.4. Definitions

Licensed ABC – Race Horse Owner & Jockey means a person licensed by the ABC Racing Authority to register or ride in sanctioned ABC Racing Events.

ABC Racing Authority is the department that has the control and general supervision of racing within the ABC Community.


  1. Race Horse Owner & Jockey Responsibilities

2.1. Behavior

Licensed ABC Race Horse Owners & Jockeys aspire to the highest standards of sportsmanship and professional conduct.

a. ABC Race Horse Owners & Jockeys must conduct themselves in a manner so as not to bring racing or Jockeys images into disrepute. This clause applies to a Licensed ABC Race Horse Owner or Jockey’s behavior which Occurs during the course of any race, training session, ABC function, including any interactions occurring on any ABC related sims.

b. Involves public comment or comments made within any ABC owned chat groups.

c. Directly impacts upon the reputation of the ABC Racing Program, Race Horse Owners, or jockeys in general.

2.2. Property

Licensed Race Horse Owners & Jockeys must show due regard for the property and facilities of racing events, and staff of those properties, facilities.

2.3. The Rules of Racing

It is noted that other obligations are imposed upon Licensed Race Horse Owners & Jockeys under the Rules of Racing.

2.4. Discipline

a. When a Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey’s conduct breaches a provision of this Code the disciplinary action to be taken shall be determined by the ABC – RA Commissioner.

b. In determining the disciplinary action to be taken under the Code, the ABC – RA Commissioner shall take into account the following matters:

c. the seriousness of the breach;

d. Whether the offense has been repeated by the Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey;

e. Public conduct by a Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey that brings the ABC Racing into disrepute;

f. The Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey’s role in the events that led to the breach and any mitigating circumstances (if any)

g. Whether the Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey has received any other form of sanction for the conduct.

2.5. Dispute Resolution Procedure

a. Before seeking formal review as provided in sub-clause (b) below, the ABC – RA Commissioner must undertake to fully investigate, consider and, if so requested by the relevant Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey, review its decision to impose a disciplinary measure on a Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey for breach of this Code.

b. If such informal review fails to satisfactorily resolve the Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey’s dispute, the relevant Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey may formally appeal by filing a ticket within the ABC Support Ticket System (within 72 hours from the date of the ABC – RA Commissioner’s decision to impose a disciplinary measure) to a Dispute Resolution Panel.

c. The Dispute Resolution Panel shall consist of the ABC – RA Commissioner, an Owner of ABC – Awesome Breed Creations, and a Race Horse Owner or an ABC Licensed Jockey.

d. The Dispute Resolution Panel must conduct a fresh investigation of the alleged breach by the relevant Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey and form its own view about the appropriate disciplinary measure, if any, to be taken. Its decision must be made within 72 hours from the date when the relevant Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey first instituted his appeal and must be communicated in writing to the Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey.

e. The decision of the Dispute Resolution Panel shall be final and binding on the relevant Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey.

f. The time limits set out in this clause may be extended by agreement between the Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey and ABC – RA Commissioner.

g. All findings will remain confidential, and will not be discussed in any public or group chats.

2.6. Confidentiality of Code Matters

The ABC Racing Authority and the Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey(s) must use their best endeavors to ensure that any matters arising out of or relating to alleged conduct of a Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey in breach of this Code (including but not limited to details of any sanction imposed) shall remain confidential and are not disclosed to any third party unless expressly agreed to by both the ABC Racing Authority and Licensed Race Horse Owner or Jockey concerned.