ABC Auction Registration Help

For those who are new to ABC, this is a quick guide to ABC Auctions and ABC’s philosophy for pricing your horses.
ABC is different from other breedables. We believe our website pricing will help keep the market stable without those wild fluctuations in prices.
A nice feature of the website is Instead of teleporting from sim to sim to check prices, you can check the most recent auctions or bid boards for a horse similar to your horse or pony. This will ensure you don’t over or under price your horse or pony. Visit MyABC once logged in hover over Auctions and you can pick Check Past Bid Board and Auctions for current sale prices.

So, you just got an AMAZING horse or pony that you want to sell at auction. Here are the basic steps and some tips:

☼FIRST Price your horse. Go to MyABC to the Auction tab. Look under Check Horse Auction Sales, Check Pony Auction Sales. You can also check the bid board sales as well.
☼SECOND Register your horse at MyABC/Auction Tab/Register. Put in your horse or pony ID number and it will bring up all the auctions that are available for the next week. Pick an auction and enter your starting or reserve bid.
☼THIRD Find the auction house. Auction houses are scattered all over Second Life. Simply click HERE, find the auction your registered for and click the logo, each auction house page has a direct teleport provided.
☼FOURTH rez out your horse/pony and pay the stall fee. Each auction house is independently owned so stall fees may vary.
Please remember:
⊱ Please register at least 2 hours prior to the auction. Once your horse is registered, others can view your entry on the ABC website prior to the auction.
⊱ Your horse needs to be at least 3 days old or foals (under 3 days old) must have a nursing kit provided by the seller if it sells. The Mare does not go with the foal as part of the sale.
⊱ You may register a Mare that is pregnant or has a foal under 3 days old. The selling price should only reflect the value of the mare. The foal can go with the mother, but is not part of the sale.
⊱ Bring your BEST horses to auction.
⊱ You may register 2 horses per individual auction. One horse per stall. Please visit each Auction House page to see the houses required minimum bid. Most minimums are 500 to 1k L’s.
⊱ If you have a RL emergency you may use a proxy to sell your horse and most auctioneers will do this for you. This use of a proxy should be rare. Abuse of this courtesy can lead to loss of auction privileges.
⊱ Please file a ticket to have your horse removed from an auction or if you need to change your start bid.
⊱ Do not sell your horse privately prior to the auction.
⊱ If you sell your horse at auction, 10% of the sales price is paid to the auction house. Tips are optional.
⊱ The Auction Rules in their entirety are HERE.
⊱ Auctions are fun and a great source for information about breeding, stats and general information!
-TIP 1-
If you go to the Auction/Results page you will see a logo for each auction. Click on a logo and you can see what is registered for that auction house and what the sales were for the previous auctions.
-TIP 2 –
Horse Ancestry – On your MyABC/Auction/Auction Houses. Pick an auction house and click on a horse ID number, you will bring up information about parents, grandparents etc. You can drill down to as many generations as are possible for that horse by clicking on the horse ID number.
-TIP 3-
What is reserve pricing?
Reserve pricing is the amount you want for your horse and no less. If you believe your horse is worth at least 10,000 L’s, put this amount as a reserve bid. The auctioneer may start the bidding at 5,000 L’s and work up to the reserve or even higher!
A reserve bid is a way to sell your horse without the initial sticker shock of a starting bid of 10,000 L’s.
You are allowed to bid against yourself if you are bidding on horse and no one else is bidding.