Winner of the ABC Create A Horse Contest – Lucky Devil

Congratulations to Tristan Careless the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the ABC Create A Horse Contest – Lucky Devil (Prize Package: Badge, L$15,000 & 200 Coins).

Now that the Grand Prize has been won and the contest is over… you can still breed for the Luck Devil levels 1-4.

Breed: French Trotter
Coat: Black
Eye: Anniversary 2018
Mane: Up
Tail: Fish Tail Braid
Face: Blaze
Legs: Pastern_Pastern


✪ Anyone can complete Levels 1-4 (this is not repeatable).
✪ To receive credit you must file a ticket with your horse ID and which level you are trying to complete.
✪ No Pets.
✪ If there are multiples entries for Level 5, the deciding factor will be the time stamp on the ticket and Horse ID.
✪ Contest will run until someone wins with all traits in the horse.

LvL 1 Breed, Coat, + One Trait-Badge
LvL 2 Breed, Coat, + Two Traits-Badge
LvL 3 Breed, Coat, + Three Traits-Badge & 10 coins
LvL 4 Breed, Coat, + Four Traits-Badge & 20 coins

Good Luck on breeding for the lower levels!

Keep an eye for the next Breeding Contest (Coming Soon)!

Happy Breeding and Good Luck!

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