We Are All About The Coats And Skills!!!

Tired of searching the grid for a particular coat or skill to go with your favorite horse or pony breed? Longing for a beautiful coat from yesteryear? What about a coat that you heard about but you just never seemed to find it? And, it may not be about looks, it may be about going fast or pulling hard, but you can’t get the skills you want for your favorite breed.

There are several reasons why some coats and skills are hard or even impossible to find. They could have gone extinct and disappeared from the grid, they are only available in very low percentages and people may not even realize they have them, or we released too few of the coats or skills for that breed. Well, we have decided to help you out and are letting you in on a secret! We don’t often let you see under the hood, but we are excited and couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We are going to turn some things on in the gene pool that have not been released before! This could include: coats and skills that are not on the grid that originally came from the gene pool or that never appeared when we released past boxed horses/ponies. We are saying those infamous and coveted coats are going to be added to the gene pool!

Here’s the Secret: For a limited time, starting this weekend, the gene pool will have some surprises. So, if you have been stashing those starter horses/ponies, it is time to pull them out and start breeding.

P.S. — We also have some very new and exciting changes coming and those new breeds and special horse/ponies will only be available through the gene pool. We will keep that secret to ourselves for the time being, but stay tuned….

*** For those of you who have bought boxed or specialty horses/ponies we have not forgotten your investment — This will NOT include the original specialty, OOAK or limited-edition coats on the boxed items. Cloud Ranch Horses, Coin Horses and Referral horses/pony breeds will NOT be a part of this special release.

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