The ABC Vanity Fair Horse Show!

Saturday, January 30th at noon SLT

January Theme: Winter Wonderland!

First rule of Vanity Fair is to HAVE FUN! As a competitor, you will create a costume/outfit for yourself and your horse and show it off! Your scores will be a mix between traits/rarities and the judge’s individual scores. There will be custom trophies, ribbons, and L$ prizes for winners and raffles for everyone!


Best in Class:
1st Place: $1000L (1st place unique Ribbon for the class)
2nd Place: $750L (2nd place unique Ribbon for the class)
3rd Place: $500L (3rd place unique Ribbon for the class)


Best in Show:
1st Place: $5000L (1st place unique Ribbon, Trophy, and Statue)
2nd Place: $3000L (2nd place unique Ribbon, Trophy, and Statue)
3rd Place: $1500L (3rd place unique Ribbon, Trophy, and Statue)
All contestants will receive a badge and will entered into special raffle for a boxed horse of their choice. Cloud Ranch, Elemental Coin horses, past Charity Horses & Ponies (OOAK RFL excluded), past Anniversary horses/ponies etc.
How to Get in the Vanity Fair: Easy!
1. Choose which horse you want to show. Currently we offer 6 classes to compete in: Cold Bloods, Hot Bloods, Warmbloods, Light, Gaited, and Non-Horse Equines *Click For Detailed List*
2. Register on MyABC website. *Click For Step by Step Instructions*
3. Pay administration fee at Kiosk *Teleport* (note: You will receive a Vanity Fair group invite after you pay your fee)
Now you’re ready—Now you’re set—Now it’s time to SHOW!
Day of the Vanity Fair
Check in for the Vanity Fair registrants will be 11:30am SLT the day of the show in the ABC – Vanity Fair group. Please Note: If you have not received a group invite please contact Nahtasha Uriza to resend.
Arrive at the Vanity Fair grounds early and wait for instructions.

In the Arena-Class
When the announcer calls your class simply ride your horse into the arena and stand on your assigned number in a big white square on the ground and wait for the judge’s instructions.
An objective score based on traits, rarities and other factors will be calculated the morning of the Vanity Fair and will display on the score board automatically as each class competes.
Trait Score – Automatically calculated based on rarity distributions. Up to 20 points total.
Coat Score – Automatically calculated based on rarity distributions. Up to 20 points total.
Judges Score – A subjective score determined by our judge(s) on the day of the event. Up to 60 points total.
The judge’s score plus the objective score will be totaled and posted to the score board. The winner of Best in Class will be announced along with 2nd and 3rd place winners.
When the announcer asks you to exit the arena, exit the opposite side from where you entered.

In the Arena-Best in Show
The Best in Class winners will compete for Best in Show at the end of the Vanity Fair. All Best in Class winners will enter the arena and find the numbered square that matches the class number they won and follow the judge’s instructions. One Best in Show winner will be chosen from the Best in Class winners!

Tell me more about costumes
Create your costume, as well as your horse’s, showing off your creativity based on the monthly theme of the show! You might want to start with a pre-made costume from SL Marketplace, but you can also just make your own in your own personal style instead. Costumes do NOT have to be elaborate. A costume can be as simple as using the bridle and saddle that come with the ABC horse and then adding a flower, a hat, a unicorn horn or anything that you believe is in line with the theme of the show or elaborate and fancy. It’s up to you!

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