Ponies Are Coming To ABC!

Ponies Coming to ABC
Ponies Coming to ABC

At a recent Q&A the owners of ABC announced that Ponies will be the next new breedable for the company. The release dates will be announced shortly so keep an eye out for them.

The Ponies will be able be Breedable and Trainable in Racing Events such as :

  • Pony Cart Races
  • Pony sled Pulling
  • Steeple Chase
  • Sprint
  • Flat

You will be able to breed many different kinds of traits:

  • Breeds
  • Coats
  • Eyes
  • Manes
  • Tails
  • Face Markings
  • Leg Markings
Ponies Coming to ABC
Ponies Coming to ABC


Make sure to visit the ABC Website for upcoming RELEASE DATE INFO!

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Infinity "Snow" Breil