New–ABC Zebra Grants 2022 Starter Meets the Pegasus

So… you’ve seen a Zorse and a Zony, a Zini and a Zailla with stripes galore… but you haven’t seen what Awesome Breed Creations now has in store! All you have to do is breed any Zebra Grants 2022 starter (or any past Zebra Grants gacha horse starters) and your favorite Pegasus for the next striped equine delight!

The breakdown:
• Mate any Zebra Grants 2022 starter + Any Pegasus breed = potential to breed a unique species of equine!
• All other breeding will pull from the gene pool like a “normal” starter + generational horse.
• Each breeding has a chance to produce a special equine foal.
• Breed, Coats, & Skills will not pass from the unique species of equine.
• Past Zebra Grants gacha starter horses can be used as well.
• Zorses, Draft Zorses, Zaiilas and the NEW unique equine species can come from past gacha zebras & the new Zebra Grants 2022 starters.

Running low on Zebra juice? Don’t you worry, just come right down to the shop and pick up some more!

Each one will be L$800

Vendors Located at the ABC Main Shop-Click to Teleport!

Have FUN & Happy Breeding!

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