NEW ABC – Be My Chocolate Cookie 2021 – Yakut Pony

Some people say love, is in the air…

We say… love is in the kitchen. Where all of the sweetest treats are created… This year we had the cutest little bakers in our ABC kitchen whipping up a surprise for all of you amazing people in our community. But then… those naughty little ponies came trotting through the pony door and stole all of our cookie dough!

Chocolate Chips went flying, frosting and candy hearts and then before you know it there was the most beautiful, cutest little catastrophe of all times!

Better hurry up and come to the ABC Main Shop and check out our newest addition! The Be My Chocolate Cookie Ponies are here and they can’t wait to meet you!

❤ Coat & Eyes pass ONLY through the bloodline. ❤

Breed: Yakut Pony
Race: Sprint
L$6000 Per Pony
Random Male or Female

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Is it a horse or is it a pony?

As you will see below, the Yakut is listed as a horse. However, when you look at the videos and further information on the breed, you will see and hear it called a pony, due to its small size. We at ABC decided to release it as a pony.

Yakut Horse Information:

The Yakutian or Yakut is a native horse breed from the Siberian Sakha Republic (or Yakutia) region. It is large compared to the otherwise similar Mongolian horse and Przewalski’s horse. It is noted for its adaptation to the extreme cold climate of Yakutia, including the ability to locate and graze on vegetation that is under deep snow cover,[3] and to survive without shelter in temperatures that reach −70 °C (−94 °F).

The horses appear to have evolved from domesticated horses brought with the Yakuts when they migrated to the area beginning in the 13th century, and are not descended from wild horses known to inhabit the area in Neolithic times. [ref: wikipedia] — This is a truly enlightening video about dedication to the breed. — “The World needs to know about the Yakut horses.” (Beautiful Video)

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