NEW-ABC Auxois Horse

Auxois origins are uncertain, although some sources say that their ancestors were Burgandy horses, a heavy breed ridden by knights of the middle ages. Breeding of the modern Auxois began in the 19th century in France. The foundation horses were Percheron, Ardennes, Boulonnais, and Northern Ardennais.

Destrier does not refer to a breed, but to a type of horse. Destrier were the finest and strongest warhorses used in the medieval era by knights in battles, tournaments and jousts.

6000L – random male or female

Breed: Auxois
Coat: Destrier
Eye: Destrier
Mane: Roached
Tail: Mud
Race Type: Sled
Accessory: Armor – Horn & Chest Plate
Coat/Accessory – CAN pass
Mane, Tail, & Eyes – CAN pass

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