Macsima Dagostino – ABC Customer of the Month December 2018

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Congratulations Macsima Dagostino for being chosen as the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations December 2018 Customer of the Month.

Macsima is one of our international Aybeeseeurs and is an excellent ambassador for the ABC Community. She is a pleasure to be around and is welcoming to everyone that she comes in contact with.

She is always engaging others with giveaways from her personal collection in order to spread her love of the ABC Breedables.

Macsima is known to lend a helping hand where she can and assists others with learning about their horses and ponies. She is an active member of the community and graciously encourages others to participate in group chat and events.

Congratulations Macsima… you are an inspiration among the ABC Community.


Visit the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations for more information on our amazing Breedables in Second Life

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