Lynn Cuttita – ABC Customer of the Month Feb 2016

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

Congratulations Lynn Cuttita for being chosen as the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations February Customer of the Month.

Quote: I was totally shocked but very honored that I was chosen as customer of the month by the many loving family members of ABC. ~ Lynn Cuttita

Quote: The lady is fun loving and very pleasant to be around. Very helpful in many ways to those int he ABC Community. ~ Dearglehomhon Resident

Quote: Lynn is a brilliant ambassador for ABC in my opinion, she is knowledgable and helpful to new breeders and an honest, genuine friend. ~ Alessia Rodeyn


Lynn is genuine in her approach to all areas of ABC that she comes in contact with. She promotes ABC at every opportunity that she can, whether it is in the ABC Main Chat Group or at her own Official ABC Auction House – Turquoise Ranch.

Quote: Lynn is a superb friend and sister, an incredible asset to ABC in my opinion, and a brilliant auctioneer. She lives and breathes her auction house Turquoise Ranch, in fact, she bought the business off me when I wanted to step back. ~ Alessia Rodeyn

PaintedDreamFarmLynn has been breeding ABC Horses since October 2013. She has done other things in SL from DJ’ing, hosting, and clubs, but once she found ABC she found her home. It has been a journey that has turned into a passion.



Quote: I gave Lynn her first taste of auctioneering – she was petrified and wanted to kill me, but I knew she would be a natural so I just said half way through my auction, “I am now going to hand over to a brand new auctioneer, everybody, please welcome Lynn to the mic!” She swore at me quite a lot afterwards but it was fun 🙂 ~ Alessia Rodeyn


Lynn has always had a love for the Paints. Recently the Gypsy Vanner horses and Pottok ponies have caught her attention and she has fallen for the beauty of the breeds.LynnVanner

We asked Lynn what moment in ABC stands out for her to this point.

Quote: My favorite event ever at ABC was an auction at ABC Auction House, “Bring Your Worst”. I have never laughed so hard at an auction in my life. ~ Lynn Cuttita

When not working with her breedables, farm, or auction house, Lynn dj’s and raises money for Relay for Life, The RFL has a special connection as she lost her mom and family to cancer.

Jake Madonna


Quote: Strength of character. Things that describe Lynn… tolerance, onesty, sense of humor. Lynn makes second life a  much more interesting place. ~ Jake Madonna


Lynn has shown through action the spirit of the ABC Community. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge, while guiding people into the amazing world of ABC.

Congratulations Lynn, you are a shinning star among stars!


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Infinity "Snow" Breil