Vanity Fair Horse Show Entry Instructions

1. Log into your MyABC at

2. Click on the Vanity Fair link in the main menu. You will be directed to the registration area for the Vanity Fair for that month.

3. Fill in the required details on that page to begin your registration. Your SL Name and Owner Avatar Key will be automatically added and cannot be changed.

    • Fill in your horse ID number.
    • Add the horse Rider. You may choose to register another person to ride your horse.
    • If you wish to receive an email confirmation after registration, please add your Email address.
    • Click Initial Entry for the Next Step.

4. After clicking Initial Entry, the eligible Class for your horse will appear below. You can only register one horse per Class. Click on the Event ID then Register.

5. After clicking on Register, you will be redirected to the confirmation window. Please take note of your Class and Entry number. You will need these on the day of the Vanity Fair. If you have included an email address during sign up, an email will be sent to you with this information. VERY IMPORTANT next step…

6. Your entry is NOT valid UNTIL your 250L service fee has been paid in full at the Second Life in-world Terminal located at ~HERE~. Please stop by as soon as possible and pay using the ID of your Horse. If you do not do so before the beginning of the Vanity Fair Show, you will be automatically disqualified and unable to participate. 

If after registering your horse or pony you wish to change your entry to a different horse or pony, this is possible by using the ABC Support Ticket system here.