Congratulations to Francesco Smadga, ABC’s very first Customer of the Month!

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ABC’s first winner of the Customer of the Month – Francesco Smadga

When his name comes up amongst so very many, both customer and staff alike, three words are often brought to light. Caring, Considerate and Calming. To so many of us he is one of the shining personalities within our community that we look forward to seeing each and every day.

Thank you Frank for your coffee and sweets, your songs and cheer. We hope to celebrate many more happy years with you!

I was able to catch up to Frank and asked him how it felt to be the first ABC Customer of the Month, he said: “proud as a rooster in a hen house”. Frank went on to say that “it just an honour enough to be part of ABC since I breed the horses and have met a lot of nice people”

Please watch the blog for followup article and interview with Francesco Smadga.

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil