About Us

ABC brings a highly talented team along with a unique business plan to the virtual environment of Second Life. Our goal is simple: Create a breedable animal that is “believable”, with cutting edge scripting, make it fun for anyone to use, while looking towards the future to expand and grow the breedable market and community.

-ABC Owners-

Stephanie Merrienboer & Darcul Bellic


Sentire Bravin-Chief Technology Officer and Software Developer

Krystal Silverweb-Artist

Saphear Saunders-Artist

Bonita Denimore-Veterinarian, assists with the physical and artistic rendering of the horse

-General Manager-

Nahtasha Uriza

-Public Relations-

Infinity Breil-Chief of Media Relations

-VSR Team-

Dynla Salubria-VSR Manager

Kazoo Cooljoke-VSR Manager


Tyssen Laville-Auction Manager


Pammiejean Resident-Racing Commissioner