ABC’s Goodbye Gacha Event!

Na na naaa na – Hey Heyyy, goodbye… (trying to type sounds is impossible!)

Well once again because of various laws and such we are getting our toys taken away from us, again. Now I’ve heard many folks saying bad things about LL for doing this, please don’t. They do not control the laws; they just have to make sure that we are all compliant with them, so they are not forced to close the whole thing down. And I know that NO ONE wants that!!

Now onto the good stuff!!

Starting on August 25 and running until August 31, ABC is having a massive gacha event on our main sim. Nearly every gacha that we have ever made will be out for sale, just follow the walking path around the sim and you’ll find all the machines that we’ll have out. This is the last time these gacha items will ever be sold from a gacha machine!!

This is it folks, this is the time to get ones that might have been released before you joined ABC or get more of your favorite colors OR or get some more pairs and birth those special babies just one more time. Who knows when these items will be for sale again?!?! (Hint: no one) I do know that they won’t be sold in a Gacha Machine ever again. (Unless laws change – Call & write your Senator!! Bring Gacha’s Back!!)

What’s next?? Shutting down gumball machines?? They’re basically the same….. #SaveTheGumballs

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