ABC Winter 2020 Crown Cup Qualifiers

★ ABC 2020 Winter Crown Cup ★

It’s time… THE ABC 2020 Winter Crown Cup featuring the Thoroughbred Horse QL 6 AND the Pony Flat QL6 is here. ABC – Awesome Breed Creations would like to extend our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to the following Horses/Ponies and their Owners for qualifying. The qualifiers will compete for 125,000L$ the Crown Cup for each race.

This is THE event all the owners and Jockey’s have been working so hard to qualify for so make certain to save the date!!! Also don’t forget there is always the ‘Post-Race Party’ to celebrate all the winners and qualifiers.

The 2020 Winter Crown Cup will be held on Saturday, February 29th, 2020 @ 1pm SLT at the ABC Track

♞Thoroughbred QL6 Qualifiers♞

The qualifiers are (in no particular order):

♞ Charlotte5517 Resident / CMS Suntanned Girl

♘ NanR Resident / Royal Wine ~NR

♞ Charlotte5517 Resident / CMS Maphrodito

♘ NanR Resident / RockMe

♞ Theodore Nacht / NL Good as Hell

♘ TamirusAlt Resident / TXB Green Sky

♞ Alexis Lerner / HAH Unknown Soldier

♘ Alexis Lerner / HAH Purple Passion

♞ Nottarb Resident / The Night King

♞Pony Flat QL6 Qualifiers♞

The qualifiers are (in no particular order):

♞ reachtail Resident / Night Watch ~RS~

♘ Theodore Nacht / NL Zip Jimmy Carter

♞ Alexis Lerner / MSR Low Jump

♘ TamirusAltResident / TXB Dark Ocean

♞ Draco Nacht / NL Zip Robbin Season

♘ Alexis Lerner / HAH Lil Jack Rabbit II

♞ TamirusAlt Resident / TXB Oceant Star

♘ Charlotte5517 Resident / CMS Welsh Flier

♞ Draco Nacht / NL Zip Montana

♘ Cain Zifer / AwA Moonshine


Owners will need to submit your Jockey and Silk Info as soon as possible to ღƤɑɱĕļɑ ŁIMIŦƧღ (Pammiejean Resident).


You will need to contact ღƤɑɱĕļɑ ŁIMIŦƧღ (Pammiejean Resident) as soon as possible to make sure that your horses are Race Ready (this takes a bit of time so don’t wait).

See you at the Races!

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