ABC @ Second Life’s Shop & Hop Event

The Second Life Shop & Hop Event runs from Feb. 6 – Feb. 23 and with over 80 SL Merchants there you will certainly have all of your Valentine needs covered!

ABC has created 4 new items for this event…

First of is a pair of designer starters that will certainly make your mouth water! This lovely pair is yummy looking as Red Velvet Cupcakes. As always all things in the current gene pool can pass though them and we know how exciting the gene pool is currently with the new Legendaries rolling out. These two are a perfect addition to any barn or a great gift for that special someone.

Our other new item is the perfect gift for anyone from experienced breeder to a brand new breeder as well as anyone who’s not interested in breedables (gasps say it isn’t so!). We’ve taken one of our beautiful Red Velvet Horses and placed it under glass, into an enchanting Snow Globe. However instead of snow it will sprinkle hearts. With 3 setting of Sweet (off), Sweeter, or Sweetest you can show your Sweetheart how much you love them by the intensity of the falling hearts. The Globe also comes with a menu to adjust sizes, with 6 sizes ranging from Large to Micro, Our Globe will fit anywhere from a fireplace mantle to a front yard lawn decoration.

Lastly look for the gift box in our shop and pick up a cute & sweet decoration for your barn or home.

So come on over to the Valentine’s Shop & Hop Event to get all of the new ABC Valentines items for you and your Sweetheart! Also keep watching the notices for a few more Valentines treats from ABC.

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