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Before ABC released it’s first breedable, a new philosophy was adopted to assist the ABC community in maintaining the value of their breedables.

This philosophy and the creation of the ABC Auction and Bid Board Results system was ABC‘s answer.

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ABC is still a free market economy, you may sell your breedable for what you believe it is worth. The auction and bid board results are merely tools to help you price your horses/ponies using the current sales and market trends.

This brings up the topic of auction houses and auctioneers that are NOT licensed by ABC. We call these Rogue Auctions. This includes in-world auctions or on-line auctions of ABC Licensed products.

These are detrimental to the philosophy and core beliefs of ABC‘s auction system. Rogue Auctions operate outside of the ABC system, they do not follow the official rules and take no responsibility for maintaining the market. Whether it is sales, ethics, or integrity of the transactions. This causes a chain reaction of events that negatively impacts all the ABC community.

ABC‘s policy for Rogue Auctions is that if anything should happen to a horse/pony at a Rogue Auction, ABC will not support the buyer or seller with any issues that arise. There are no exceptions and zero tolerance.

If you conduct a rogue auction, auctioneer, sell, or buy, you will have to face the consequences set forth by ABC. This could mean licenses revoked (if you are ABC Licensed), banned from ABC auctions, and/or other consequences depending on your participation.

ABC takes rogue auctions very seriously as it impacts the community and the market.

Thank you for your support and cooperation… This is an issue that impacts us all.



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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil