ABC Releases the Valentine 2016 Horse Starter


Love is in the air… the perfect way to show your special someone your love… by giving them a Valentine 2016 Horse Starter!

The ABC Valentine 2016 Horse Starter Pack:

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

~ 800Ls each
~ Male or Female
~ Offspring traits come from gene pool (as with all starters)
~ Traits will not pass
~ Coat and eye are not in the gene pool.
~ They will become regular pets at age 141
~ You cannot Insta-Pet this horse.

You can get yours at the ABC Main Shop:

For the Gift Option, we have put them on marketplace:

ABC Valentines 2016 Horse Starter – Male

ABC Valentines 2016 Horse Starter – Female

Happy Valentines Day!


Visit the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations for more information on our amazing Breedables in Second Life

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil