ABC Racing News: The First 2016 Pony Crown Cup – Cart QL6

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Big news in racing for 2016 announced recently. ABC will have the first PONY Crown Cup – Cart QL6! This is a very exciting time for the ABC Ponies.

The ABC Pony Crown Cups will follow a similar schedule for qualifying as the ABC Horse Crown Cup and also have a purse of 125000Ls.

-Horse Sulky QL6
-No Pony
-Horse TB QL5
-Pony Cart QL6
-Horse Lg. Flat QL5
-No Pony
-Horse TB QL6
-Pony Flat QL6

The ABC Racing Community is very excited at this announcement and have started training up their ponies. If you are a pony aficionados or beginner racer this is your opportunity to train them up and race in the weekly races to qualify for the Crown Cup.

Time to see which pony will win the coveted honor of being an ABC Pony Crown Cup holder.

Winning the ABC Crown Cup also wins you an ABC Quest Badge. This badge cannot be won unless you win the Crown Cup…

The jockey that rides to victory also takes a place in ABC History. If you are not a jockey and would like to become one, look at the ABC Calendar on the website for the ABC Official Jockey class.

The date and time of events will be announced as the qualifying timeline approaches.

Dates, times, and events will be announced closer to the race.

For more information on racing and jockey classes, visit the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations website.

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil