ABC Racing Hands on & Time Trials

Hands On and Time Trial sessions were created to give potential jockeys, new jockeys, and veterans the opportunity to practice with someone from the Racing Authority (RA). The RA is available to set up the track, answer questions (there are something that are left to the jockey to figure out – part of your skills as a jockey), give you the opportunity to practice coming out of the gates, setting up equipment, and to practice with more jockeys on the track.


* Monday’s – Times fluctuate to provide more of the community to be able to participate
* Check the ABC calendar and watch notices for any changes –
* Jockeys are required to take one Hands On to complete their Jockey License requirements to race
* You may attend as many of these sessions as you like, you can never get enough practice
*This will also allow you to get used to what is called SL Weather (track conditions). This includes getting used to your computer system and Internet connection (wifi, broadband, etc.)

Helpful Tips for Participants:

* The information provided by the RA running the session is approved and the official information
* Be mindful not to take over the session with giving answers or providing information, that is reserved for the RA
* The more you participate in these sessions the better you will be at racing
* When possible there will be a mentor jockey on hand to answer questions as well

Another great way to get more information is by analyzing the races (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)… Come watch and experience the amazing strategies that the jockeys implement depending on the situation.

The Hands On and Time Trials are organized and ran by RA. They volunteer their time to give you a chance to practice and hone your skills. Please show them some Linden Lovins’ via tip jars that are out.

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