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Once upon a time the first breedable was let loose on Second Life. More breedables came such as bunnies and horses! Someone discovered selling these breedables at auction was an awesome idea! The trouble came when faced with the inevitable question “what should the starting bid be?” The answer to this question could take an hour or more since you had to travel from breedable sim to sim looking for a comparable breedable.

As you can imagine, this was tedious and frustrating and many did not bother to look around. The result of that action, or inaction, was that inevitably a valuable breedable sold for much less than it was worth. In effect, killing the market for that breedable.

So you, as a breeder, finally get that awesome breedable that you know is worth quite a sum. However, someone who didn’t pay attention to the market undersold that particular breedable for peanuts! Word got around fast and now your very valuable breedable is not so valuable in the eyes of buyers. When in fact it could be rare and still very valuable.

The difference between ABC and all the other breedables is we care about the breedable market. We want your horses to keep their values so we created a structure to house all the information about your horses and ponies such as their rarities, how much they sold for at auction and bidboard sales, and what the latest sales trends are by updating the top ten list each week.

Education by word of mouth by you, the community member, is how we can all keep our horses and ponies values. So if you see someone who might need help pricing a horse send them to the ABC website!

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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil