ABC – Pimp My Ride Contest 2021! *Registration Extended!

➀ ~ Accessorize
➁ ~ Decorate
➂ ~ Vote
➃ ~ Win

Just when you thought that Second Life was only for playing dress-up with your avatars… ABC goes and introduces this as a fun little kick off that leads up to our 2021 Anniversary Party. A chance to play dress-up with your horses, ponies and mules too!

Get out those bonnets, get out those top hats… You think a rose creates a suave Sir to woo the Ladies? Well heck, give him two!

It’s time to get those creative gears grinding. Go to any Auction House to Register for a random spot to setup (60 prims or less) a horse, a pony, or a mule looking oh so dapper and cool. Just make sure to use at least 2 ABC Optional Accessories and then after that you can put any spin you want on that ride.

Don’t worry though, if you aren’t quite as interested in playing dress-up with your little darlings… but still want to be involved, then Register to vote! You can’t vote without Registering… and people can’t win if you don’t vote! ABC Needs your input and as a special treat, even voters can win! Yaaaay! ! ! Who doesn’t like winning?

Register and Build: 20 – 29 Oct 2021 **Extended until Nov 6th!!
Voting: 30 Oct – 06 Nov 2021

The winner will be announced at the 2021 ABC Anniversary Party!!

Winning Contestant Prizes:
Anniversary 2021 Horse, PLUS Choice of any boxed horse or pony — Cloud Ranch, Elemental Coin horses,
past Charity Horses & Ponies (OOAK RFL & Celtic Legendary excluded), past Anniversary horses/ponies etc. PLUS food, salt & more!

Raffle Prizes for Voters:
Choice of any boxed horse or pony — Cloud Ranch, Elemental Coin horses,
past Charity Horses & Ponies (OOAK RFL & Celtic Legendary excluded), past Anniversary horses/ponies etc. PLUS food, salt & more!

——How it Works——

— There will be 10 display spaces at each of our 12 ABC Auction House locations
— Visit each location, check out the entries, and vote for your favorites!
— Top three displays, based on votes, will win prizes
— Voters can win too! Raffle drawings daily and one at the end of the event!
— When you vote at any one of the 12 locations, you will get one entry into the raffle. If you vote at all 12 locations, you will have 12 entries into the raffle!
— You start with 50 votes. You can spread them out and vote at all locations, so be sure to visit them all to get 12 chances to win!

Ready to get started?

Registering to Compete in this Event

(1) Locate the Contestant Registration Display at the ABC Main Store or any of the 12 Auction locations

(2) Click Step 1 “Click to Register Owner” button to register your name and get your set up location and stall number. This is how you get your assigned location.

(3) Contact the Staff, at the Auction location you received, to work with them to set up at your stall. For example, you will have to be able to rez at that location, so they may ask you to join their group.

(4) Select the horse or pony that you want to enter.

(5) IMPORTANT: Return to a Contestant Registration Display, within 24 hours after you first registered, and click Step 2 “Click to Register Horse/Pony” button, and enter your horse or pony ID

(6) Get started decorating! – Remember to add at least 2 ABC Optional Accessories to your Horse/Pony and then get creative with it!

Contestant Rules

(1) You have to use a non-pet, non-starter Pony or Horse for the contest. You can also use a non-pet horse or pony mule.

(2) You have 24 hours after you register to add your horse/pony ID at the registration terminal or you may lose your spot.

(3) You must use at least 2 ABC optional accessories on your horse/pony as part of your display- Please find directions for adding new accessories at the bottom of this NC, or ask an ABC VSR for help

(4) The accessories are NOT the ones that are rezzed using Equipment->Accessory->By Breed

(5) You will have a total of 60 prims per location – this includes the food shell to feed your horse/pony

(6) You can only enter one horse/pony in this contest

(7) If you are a staff member or owner at the location you received when registering, you need to coordinate with the ABC staff to get a different location

(8) You must follow the rules of conduct for the Auction Location where your contest display will be

Registering to Vote in this Event

(1) Locate the Voting Registration Display at the ABC Main Store or any of the 12 Auction locations

(2) Click the “Click to Register to Vote” button to register to vote. You will be registered to Vote and given 50 Votes to use on any horse/pony display
— You will receive an ABC Pimp My Ride Folder with:
a) Voting Hud (shows Auction voting locations, how many votes you have remaining,
and buttons for information)
b) Information and Rules notecard
c) Auction Location Landmarks
— Vote by clicking on the Vote Sign by each Contestant’s Display. Every time you do, you will use
up one of your votes. You will get a special HUD to track how many you have left and show you
the voting locations, etc.
— You can use your votes however you wish – all on one display or any number on different
displays, until you have used all 50 votes.

(3) Start Exploring and Start Voting!!

     REMEMBER: the more locations you vote, the more times you are entered in the raffle!
     The only way to get 12 chances to win is to vote at all 12 ABC Auction House locations!

Voting Rules

(1) You must Register to be able to Vote!
(2) You Do NOT have to own an ABC Horse/Pony to be able to vote
(3) Voting is open to anyone in SL
(4) You can Vote even if you are a contestant and you CAN vote for your own horse/pony
(5) Your votes will not be revealed to anyone
– ABC will only keep track of how many votes you have remaining and the locations you voted so we can enter you in the Raffle the right number of times

Not familiar with ABC Optional Accessories? Read Here:

— You can purchase Optional Accessories from the ABC Main Store or you can use the ones you already have!

If you purchased an ABC Optional Accessory and have not added it to your horse/pony, follow the instructions below.

(1) Rez your accessory box to the ground. The instructions are on the box.

— Follow those very simple instructions to add that accessory to your horse/pony. You can add multiple accessories without having to rerezz your horse/pony in between.

(2) After adding your accessories, re-rezz your horse/pony to see them in the menu.

(3) Let’s make those accessories show up!
— Click the horse/pony
— Choose Equipment->Accessory->Optional
— Click the number button that goes with the accessory you want to add
— Your horse/pony will re-rezz itself and you will see the accessory on your horse
— Use the built-in tools on the accessory menu to adjust the size, position, and rotation of your accessory – then save it.

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