ABC Optional Accessories – Roses Roses Roses

Roses and Prose… express your heart to those you love by the beauty of a rose…

“A Rose speaks of love Silently, in a Language known only to the Heart…”

Price: L$50

Note: The item you receive is not boxed (do not unpack), but is transferable.

5 Colors

ABC Main Shop

What are Optional Accessories?
~ Please be sure that you are purchasing the proper version (ex. you cannot put a pony accessory on a horse)
~ Optional Accessories are purchased separately and added to your Horse or Pony. These Optional Accessories are different than the breed accessories, as you can add them to any Horse or Pony.
~ Once the accessory is used on a horse or pony it belongs to that horse/pony ID permanently.
~ You cannot add Optional Accessories to Starters.

**NOTE: Optional Accessories can be added to a Horse or Pony under 7 days but will not be able to be rezzed until it reaches 7 days old.

How the Optional Accessories work:
~ Purchase your Optional Accessory
~ Rez the box
~ Left Click Touch, Do Not Open the box
~ Menu will drop down, enter the Horse or Pony ID and click Submit
~ You will be asked to re-enter the Horse or Pony ID and click Submit
~ You MUST re-rez your Horse or Pony
~ To apply your new Optional Accessory use the Horse or Pony Menu: Select>Equipment>Accessory>Optional… you will see a list of Optional Accessories that you have added to your Horse or Pony
~ Optional Accessories can be moved, resized and rotated to fit different breed sizes. After you make your adjustments, click the Lock button to save it, this will allow you to pick up the horse in inventory without resetting them. If you turn accessories off it will reset them to defaults.
~ You will only be able to rez out 6 additional prim total at one time (accessories can have different prim counts).

ABC wishes you a Happy Valentines Day!

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