ABC One Year Anniversary

ABC One Year Anniversary Reveal
ABC reveals the One Year Anniversary Horse

Oct 29, 2012 marked the One Year Anniversary for ABC horses hitting the grid with their pre-sale vouchers going live. Through out the year ABC has introduced many new breeds, traits and racing. This next year will prove to be even better with more improvements, not only to the Horse breedable but also to the systems and features for the clients.

ABC revealed a Limited Edition ABC Anniversary Horse at the ABC One Year Anniversary Concert. The breed is the Morgan and sports a War Paint Coat and a feather in the Mane. Full details of the features and breed will be released in the ABC Main Chat Group.

ABC One Year Anniversary
Limited Edition ABC Anniversary Horse

ABC has an extraordinary team of people and they deserve a great deal of accolades.

The VSR team is very dedicated and is our first responders and deal with the good, the bad and the ugly. The work very hard to balance the ticket system, main chat group, and one on one support through house calls and/or at the ABC MainStore. This is usually happening all at one time and their multitasking skills come into play.

The Auction Team strives to assist the auction house owners with information, manage the entries and issues with those entries. They provide training for ABC Auction House Licensing and ABC Auctioneer Licensing. One big responsibility is working with the Auction Community on getting their horses entered in the auctions and maintaining a fantastic experience. They are continually educating the community and auction houses on changes  and new aspects of the breedable.

The Racing Authority is our newest group as the Racing Program is the newest activity for the Horse Breedable. They handle all facets of the races from hands on training to officiating at the races. Maintaining the entries and prepping the jockey’s for the race is also a large part of the department. They strive to assure the smooth running of the races and serve as the Ambassadors of the Racing.

The Development Team takes the ABC Owners ideas and makes them happen in an SL environment, from concept to design to testing they put into the SL environment. This includes working out any bugs or issues whether it is due to LL’s issues or RL servers.

Education has always been a priority for ABC. We have implemented several programs over the last year in house and for the community. Some of these programs are not only training for how to do things but also education on ABC. Here are a few of them:

  • Auctioneer Training and Licensing
  • Jockey Hands On Classes
  • Auction House Licenses
  • Breeding Video
  • Personal training with VSRs assisting with tickets

In this next year we look forward to some continued improvement in all areas of the company. Improved tools on the website, tools to assist with basic issues, more breeds and activities for the breedable, growing the brand is also a high priority which will bring more activity at the auctions and racing.

We look forward to the future and the coming year of ABC! Join us and bring your friends along for the next adventure with ABC.



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