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ABC – Love You Babe Fund-Raiser Horse

When we were creating ABC, the one thing we keep saying repeatedly is that we want our community to feel like they are family and we want everyone to have fun.

Many of us have been around for so long now that even our extended RL families have become part of the ABC family without even trying. Many just refer to their family member by their position (Mother, Husband, Son etc.…) while others we get to know by name or some affectionate nickname, we call those in our RL families. So, when there is a loss, we feel it across the grid and across the globe. For ABC is and always will be a family in-world and out. We bicker, we laugh, we love, and we cry. But mostly we are there for each other with our arms open for a Hug or a willing ear to listen to your troubles.

It is with a heavy heart that I let you, the ABC family know that last week we lost a member of our family. In the wee early morning hours on Monday, March 2nd. Rich the RL husband and BFF of 29 years to ABC’s GM Nahtasha (Naht), ended his fight with cancer, and is now at peace and without pain. Many of those close to Naht have been there for and with her with plenty of hugs or just keeping her company, for no one should be alone after such a loss.
Many of us here at ABC also want to help the family get through this loss with as few things to worry about as possible. So today we are releasing the ABC – Love You Babe horse. This horse is being sold as a fund-raiser for Naht’s family and 100% of the profit will be going to the family. This horse was expertly designed by our art department by using pictures of Rich’s RL tat’s as the design for this horses’ coat. The eyes and coat may transfer through the bloodlines. Also, for anyone who wishes to help with the fundraiser but isn’t much into the breedable scene. We will be having an RL fund-raising party with Scentsy products. Just go to – for Naht’s Family.


Naht still is not fully back to work with us yet and that’s completely understandable. Please respect that she is still taking time to process everything in her own way. So, I would ask that instead of IMing her with your well wishes and condolences that you send her a NC with your kind words and let her take the time that she needs to get back to you
Thank You,
Stephanie Merrienboer
CVO/Owner ABC – Awesome Breed Creations

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