ABC – Leprechaun Mini Pony Starters & St. Patricks Day Shells!!

Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling…
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side.

starts to nod off…

Ring-ding-did-a-little-la-di-oh, Ring-di-diddly-eye-oh,
“Ah, lad I don’t know you’ve been but I see you won first prize.”

Ah yes a much better song for the occasion!! I’ve got a bit of Scot in my heritage so I do love Danny Boy by default, but let be honest, it should be only sung as a lullaby.

So what’s this all about you ask? Why is that daft woman singing to us once again? – “Hey Stephanie, what is this all about and why are you singing again ya crazy lady?”
Smiling I reply “Well my friend I am glad you asked! Let me tell you all about it…”

ABC – Awesome Breed Creations Presents… the newest release in our growing line of Mini Ponies… (Imagine trumpets playing here, we’re on a budget)

Everything is cuter when it’s smaller & green just look at Yoda and Kermit! Well our ponies were already cute and now they are green-ish as well (ok ok they’re white wearing a green coat, close enough)… Now you are just gonna squeal and wanna catch their rainbows.

So come on down to the ABC Main Shop and pick up one or two or 15.. you know you want to!!
Just 600L$ and you can provide the cuties with a new loving and caring home.

BUT WAIT!!! There’s more……

These Mini Leprechauns and all of their friends need to eat – right?

So for St. Patrick’s Day this year we’re bringing you “St. Patricks 2020 Cupcakes” Designer Shells.


These extraordinarily designed shells are collectible and will be great accents to your stable, corral, or where ever you have your horses and ponies.

The shells come in two options:

–Food Shell Pack that comes with 1 – Hay, 1 – Alfalfa, and 1- Salt ONLY (L$475)

–Food Shells ONLY – empty shells to be used with your consumable account (L$275) – these are for SHELLS ONLY. You must already have the food/salt in your account for the shells to activate.

Grab Them Here!

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