ABC Introduces A New Horse/Pony for the Referral Program

ABC – Awesome Breed Creations are excited to announce the ADDITION of a New Horse and Pony to the ABC Referral Program.

**You will have a CHOICE of BREED and either a Horse or Pony – Kirin (new) and Monster (previous)**

KIRIN (New Addition)
Horse Breed – Brabant (Sled and Joust) – Listed on the Terminal as: ABC – Horse Referral16
Pony Breed – Gotland (Steeplechase) – Listed on the Terminal as: ABC – Pony Referral16

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

MONSTER (Previous and Still Available)
Horse Breed – Hanoverian – Listed on the Terminal as: ABC – Horse Referral14
Pony Breed – Newfoundland – Listed on the Terminal as: ABC – Pony Referral14

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations

We have always been happy when we hear members of our community say that they joined us when a friend told them about ABC! Well now we’d like to show you our thanks for spreading the word about ABC.

ABC – Referral Program Details:

~ When your friend registers for the ABC quests & Consumables they will be asked for your name and UUID as the person who referred them.
~ Once your friend has been with ABC for 30 days and has maintained a breeding pair of Horses or Ponies, you will receive a Badge and 3 Quest Coins.
~ Every time you have 5 qualified referrals you will get your choice of a special ABC Referral Horse or Pony. This will be a special breed, the Coat will NOT pass but the Eyes CAN pass.
~ When you use the ABC – Registration Terminal to choose your Referral Horse or Pony you will be given the option to choose which ABC Referral Horse by the following: ABC – Pony Referral14, ABC – Pony Referral16, ABC – Horse Referral14, ABC – Horse Referral16 (14 being the Monster and 16 being the Kirin).
~ As an extra bonus for your friend, each new person to join the ABC group will have access to a vendor that will give the 2 starter horses and 2 starter ponies.



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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil