ABC Fun Races

Get Ready, Get Set... Fun Races Are Here!
Hello! Please join us this Saturday at 1pm SLT for our Fun Races event.

We will be doing 5 different race types. No registration or jockey license required, just show up! This is for everyone in ABC to enjoy and get a chance to “race” your horses/ponies and mules. Whether you’ve been a part of ABC from the beginning or just joined yesterday! Pick one race or compete in all of them. It’s all about fun and enjoying the community.

Our Fun Racing Events Include:

Zorse Race

Get your Zorse out and see who can make it around the track first with these striped steeds.

Mule Relay

Get a team together or join one at the track! Line them up, drafts or regulars and do an old fashioned relay race. Compete in a relay around the track competing on the Long Ears of ABC. Teams must have 3 contestants. If you can’t get a team together, we will try to put together teams on the track.

Chunky-Butt Steeple

Draft - See if your Chunky-butt has the leg power to lift those Chunky Butts over a steeple for a great laugh.

Last Kailla Standing

Get dressed in your favorite Gor outfit, weapons included and fight your way through a two and three quarter lap race to be the first to finish!

Upside Down Race

Pick your horse or pony, flip it upside down and see, if you have the ability to get it around the track while riding in an upside-down position!

Mini Pony Cart Dash

Get your favorite mini pony out and enjoy a cart sprint race to see who can get across the finish line first. This will be a sprint race, but using the mini ponies and their carts.

We will be awarding First, Second and Third place prizes. Spectators have opportunities to get goodies as well! You can't win though if you aren't there!

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