ABC – Easter 2020 Curly Mini Ponies & More!

Easter doesn’t always have to be about the bunnies…. This year we have some cute chicks!

And what couldn’t be even cuter than Curly Mini Chicky and Ducky Ponies?!?! These two cuties are the latest addition to our Mini Pony line. So their Coat, Eye and Accessories can pass through the bloodlines. That means you can have a whole flock of chicks in your herd of ponies!

Also as a bonus for Easter this year we are offering Statues of our Chicky’s and Ducky’s as well as another collectible Globe featuring these 2 cuties. You cant get much cuter than this!! Our pair of Chicky’s and Ducky’s are gonna warm your heart!

We’ve got 3 adorable ways to decorate for Easter! With both Easter Chicky’s and Ducky’s 2020 Statues and 1 heart warming (awwwww moment) in our Easter 2020 Globe. And to make this set special.. We’ve got a price deal to keep some coins jingling in your pocket!!

Each Statue or Globe is only 500L$…..BUT…. The set of 3 is only…..wait for it…….are you ready?!?! Can you stand the anticipation?!?! The set of 3 is only 1000L$ that just like getting one for free!!! Yes FREE I swear I didn’t stutter!!!

Each Statue/Globe comes No Mod / No Copy / Yes Trans – so you can give them as gifts and keep a couple for yourself.

Please Note: The Displays of the Statues and Globe in the main store are the vendors, just right click and buy.

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