ABC – Easter 2020 Cupcakes Food & Shells

It’s almost Chocolate Bunny Day!!!!

Spring is here and the sun is out and everyone is getting ready to out to local parks and such for picnics and Easter Egg Hunts!!! Oh wait… no we aren’t we’re all trapped in our homes, waiting for this evil virus to pass-by and die out so we can see other humans again.

So let’s try this… It’s almost Easter and parents are getting ready to help their kiddos dye and decorate eggs, so the Easter Bunny can sneak in while they sleep and hide them all around the house. Then the parents can relax as they see the joy on their children’s faces as they find all the hidden eggs… all but the one that was hidden in the couch and rolled into the arm crack and wont be remembered until 6 months from now when all of a sudden there is a mystery smell in your living-room… and… and… wait! I forgot there is no smell in SL.. we’re all safe!

Back to the announcement!!

For Easter this year, ABC is bringing us “Easter 2020 Cupcakes” Designer Shells.


These extraordinarily designed shells are collectible and will be great accents to your (or your Children’s, yeah we all know about SL families) stable, corral, or where ever you have your horses and ponies.

The shells come in two options:

Food Shell Pack that comes with 1 – Hay, 1 – Alfalfa, and 1- Salt ONLY (L$475).

Food Shells ONLY – empty shells to be used with your consumable account (L$275) – these are for SHELLS ONLY. You must already have the food/salt in your account for the shells to activate.


or on SL Market Place so you can gift them to another!

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