ABC Congratulates the 2015 Spring Crown Cup Winner – LA BaggyWrinkle

ABC has a winner! LA Baggywrinkle jockied by MontiB Resident and Owned by Nikita626 Resident ruled the track with percision and grace to cross the finishline victorilously…

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
ABC 2015 Spring Crown Cup – Horse: LA Baggywrinkle, Jockey: MontiB Resident – Owner: Nikita626 Resident

WIN: LA Baggywrinkle – MontiB Resident (gate 2) – Owner: Nikita626 Resident

PLACE: ~AX~ Iefan – Draco Nacht (gate 8) – Owner: AcheronDaniel Resident

SHOW: SS ~ Just a Bit More – SavvyAnna Resident (gate 10) – Owner: SavvyAnna Resident

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
Jockeys in the Gates ready to go

The running of the ABC 2015 Spring Crown Cup – Sled QL 6 proved to be impressive with the the field of competition in top form.

ABC - Awesome Breed Creations
Sled adding weight


The qualifiers are (in no particular order):

♞Nikita626 Resident / LA Baggywrinkle

♘SavvyAnna Resident / SS ~ Just a Bit More

♞Nikita626 Resident / ~AX~ Gwenhwyfar

♘AcheronDaniel Resident / ~AX~ Valor

♞Minyah Resident / Minyahs Aragorn

♘MurronMcCloud Resident / LA Parallel Lines

♞MurronMcCloud Resident / LA Lemony Snicket

♘MurronMcCloud Resident / LA Arrakis

♞Minyah Resident / Minyahs Legolas

♘AcheronDaniel Resident / ~AX~ Iefan

See you at the Races!
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Infinity "Snow" Breil