ABC Celebrates SL 16B!

Second Life is having its 16th Birthday (SL16B)! Come celebrate with their “Sweet Sixteen”. Residents get to experience the nostalgia of the 50’s and go retro. ABC has created an unbelievably adorable set of Sock Hop starter ponies & Dinner at the Drive-In designer gacha shells!

Time to Rock around the Clock and live it up with the ABC and SL Community!

June 20th, 2019 through – July 8th, 2019

Come by and receive 1 Free Pair (male & female) of Starter Horses (1 set per avatar).
**Coat & Eye Do NOT Pass**

For full details and schedule of SL16B events check out their website.

To further celebrate ABC has created the most amazing Dinner At The Drive-In designer gacha shells…

Burgers (alfalfa)…

Fries (hay)…

Shakes (salt)…

There are 8 of each in the gacha machine and each try is only L$75 (for a limited time), Please remember these are for SHELLS ONLY. You must already have the food/salt in your account for the shells to activate.

You can get them at the ABC Main Shop!

The boxes are transferable to share or trade as long as they have NOT been REZZED OUT yet. Once the box has been rezzed it’s no longer transferable!!

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