ABC 3rd Party Show Results Oct 15-28 2023

Below you will find results of ABC 3rd Party Horse & Pony Shows from around the grid!

Green Acres Results Oct 12-21 2023


(Photos by Margo Coba)
Best in Show-WoS Geoffrey Giraffe-Giraffe Clipping Newfoundland Pony owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ (sexxy.shelman)
Runner Up-MC-Florian-Gray Tobiano Falabella pony owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
Third Place-TVR A Memory of Breeze-Bay Overo Quarter Pony owned by ℳϊrαßéℓℓα Åυgυştυş (nashobatomaska)
Honorable Mention–Freddie –Gray Tobiano Falabella pony owned by Onawa (onawabaya)
Best in Show-~DD~ Stunning-Dark Gray Pintabian owned by MAZE (dani.darkheart)
Runner Up-MC Milk Dud-Piebald Marwari owned by Brea Zadark
Third Place-WoS Resurrection Amiss-Gray Tobiano Mangalarga owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ (sthrnlegacy)
Honorable Mention-Mc-Jigsaw-Skewbald Paso Fino owned by Emily Sarducci (emilybrice)


MINI PONY-Bombus dahlbomii-owned by Onawa (onawabaya)
PONY BREEDS A-D-Doodles-owned by Onawa (onawabaya)
PONY BREEDS E-G-GL Madeleine-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
PONY BREEDS H-N-WoS All About The Braids-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαlɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
PONY BREEDS O-Z-MC-Yaritza-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
OUTSIDE THE BOX-PONIES-Bib-owned by Ʊ ÒƤƛŁ ƁЄЄ Ω (0palmoon)
Mangalarga-WoS Resurrection Amiss-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ (sthrnlegacy)
Marwari-MC Milk Dud-owned by Brea Zadark
Missouri Fox Trotter-TVR Whisper of Mercy-owned by ℳϊrαßéℓℓα Åυgυştυş
Mongolian-Sayana-owned by Anna Mae (buffy.bluewood)
Morgan Horse-GL~Vincent-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Mountain Pleasure Horse-~Mary Lou~-owned by dove Redyard
Mustang-MYSTI-owned by Terri (terie.clyburn)
Noriker-TVR Connect the Dots-owned by ℳϊrαßéℓℓα Åυgυştυş
Norwegian Fjord-~ FF-I Dun It~-owned by BellaDiablo666
Oldenburg-Ophelia-owned by Brea Zadark
Orlov Trotter-GL~Lotus-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Paint-JB-Apache-owned by Jess Brewster-Kadar
Paso Fino-Mc-Jigsaw-owned by Emily Sarducci (emilybrice)
Pegasus-Pea-owned by Ʊ ÒƤƛŁ ƁЄЄ Ω (0palmoon)
Percheron-DD Tribal-owned by MAZE (dani.darkheart)
Peruvian Paso-~ DD ~ PerPaso-owned by MAZE (dani.darkheart)
Pintabian-~DD~ Stunning-owned by MAZE (dani.darkheart)
MATCHING VANITIES – HORSES..ABC Bold Choice-owned by dove Redyard,
OUTSIDE THE BOX – HORSES.~AA~ Double Giraffe Prince-owned by Arial Coleslaw (arial.albatros)

Green Acres Results Oct 22-28 2023


(Photos by Margo Coba)
Best in Show-Savannah-Green Leaf Sandalwood Pony owned by Onawa (onawabaya)
Runner Up-MC-Gaius-Talavera Verde Galiceno Pony owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
Third Place-~Lady Newfie~-Silver Buckskin Newfoundland Pony owned by Sweedy (swedishkraut)
Honorable Mention-WoS Enter His Gatez-Triskele Faeroes Pony owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ (sexxy.shelman)
Best in Show-ABC Ocean Blue-10th Anniversary 2021 Sorraia owned by dove Redyard
Runner Up-OBR Smokey Diamond-Light Gray Quarter Horse owned by Jesse James (hardliquor99)
Third Place-~LN~ Golden Sunrise-Red Roan Overo Spotted Saddle Horse owned by ʚڰღʚÐJ LλղƈἶÅ ღʚڰ (lancianightfire)
Honorable Mention-fabian-Black Westphalian owned by Damaras Silverstar (maiuro)


PONY BREEDS A-D-MC- Badawiya-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
PONY BREEDS E-G-MC-Gaius-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
PONY BREEDS F-N-~Lady Newfie~-owned by Sweedy (swedishkraut)
PONY BREEDS O-Z-GL~Julianna-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
MINI PONIES-MC-Not Always Black n White-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
Outside the box-Calypso Redrum-owned by Suzy (suzy.silverweb)
Plains Kaiila-~LADY TOOKIE~-owned by Sweedy (swedishkraut)
Poitevin-MC-Ares-owned by Emily Sarducci (emilybrice)
Quarter Horse-OBR Smokey Diamond-owned by Jesse James (hardliquor99)
Rocky Mountain Horse-MC-This horse is on Fire-owned by Emily Sarducci (emilybrice)
Selle Francais-~MZ~Mr. Beau Jingles-owned by Ω Midnight Lomond Zepp Ω
Shire-Vine-owned by Ʊ ÒƤƛŁ ƁЄЄ Ω (0palmoon)
Sorraia-ABC Ocean Blue-owned by dove Redyard
Spanish Mustang-Angel Heart ~LN~-owned by ʚڰღʚÐJ LλղƈἶÅ ღʚڰ (lancianightfire)
Suffolk Punch-.MC-Whittle-owned by Emily Sarducci (emilybrice)
Swedish Warmblood-~DD~ Arnie- owned by MAZE (dani.darkheart)
Tennessee Walking Horse-My Blue Boy ~LN~-owned by ʚڰღʚÐJ LλղƈἶÅ ღʚڰ (lancianightfire)
Thoroughbred-TVR Green Eyed Girl-owned by ℳϊrαßéℓℓα Åυgυştυş (nashobatomaska)
Tiger Horse-ABC Eternal Flame-owned by dove Redyard
Trakehner-Twenty Grande-owned by Լʋçϊʋş Åυgυştυş (xththfufox)
Waler-GL~Walter-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Westphalian-fabian-owned by Damaras Silverstar (maiuro)
Matching Vanities- Horses-~MLZ~IWILROCYURWORLD-owned by Ω Midnight Lomond Zepp Ω
Outside the Box-Carry-owned by Ʊ ÒƤƛŁ ƁЄЄ Ω (0palmoon)

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