ABC 3rd Party Show Results Mar 19-26 2023

Below you will find results of ABC 3rd Party Horse & Pony Shows from around the grid!

Green Acres Results March 18-25 2023


(Photos by Margo Coba)
Best in Show-MC-Snow White-a flower clipping New Forest Pony owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
Runner Up-TF~Drag-a gray tobiano ballerina Falabellla Pony owned by Ƭyℓᴇя FøяŠуϮн (tyler.dallas)
Third Place-MC Chip-a dark chestnut skewbald Chincoteague Pony owned by Brea Zadark
Best in Show-Madds Sex Education-a bay Selle Francais owned by MƛƊƊƖ ƊЄԼƖƠƝƇƠƲƦƬ (maddisonsnow)
Runner Up-Corbin-a light chestnut Thoroughbred owned by Jazz (jazzmyn.alex)
Third Place- ~E~ Blizzard~-a white owned by Aqualynn Eternal (aqualynn.navarathna)


PONY BREEDS A-D-Astro Boy-owned by Onawa (onawabaya)
PONY BREEDS E-G-TF~Drag-owned by Ƭyℓᴇя FøяŠуϮн (tyler.dallas)
PONY BREEDS F-N-TF~Ole_Black_Water-owned by Ƭyℓᴇя FøяŠуϮн (tyler.dallas)
PONY BREEDS O-Z-Shooting Star-owned by Onawa (onawabaya)
MINI PONIES-MC-Zodiac Princess-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
Poitevin-Jackpot Judy-owned by Damaras Silverstar (maiuro)
Quarter Horse-Travis just Travis-owned by Ƥęŋŋƴ Ģŗęɱǫŗƴ (penelopepittstop)
Rocky Mountain Horse-.JB-Cleo-owned by Jess Brewster-Kadar (jesse.brewster)
Selle Francais-Madds Sex Education-owned by MƛƊƊƖ ƊЄԼƖƠƝƇƠƲƦƬ (maddisonsnow)
Shire-E~ Blizzard~-owned by Aqualynn Eternal (aqualynn.navarathna)
Sorraia-Anacleto-owned by Damaras Silverstar (maiuro)
Spanish Mustang-JB-Bock-owned by Jess Brewster-Kadar (jesse.brewster)
Spotted Saddle Horse-DG~MY LADY IN WAITING-owned by Desy Graywolf (robdester.redangel)
Suffolk Punch-Barberry-owned by Damaras Silverstar (maiuro)
Swedish Warmblood-~E~ Casanova~-owned by Aqualynn Eternal (aqualynn.navarathna)
Tennessee Walking Horse-TRRR Golden Boy-owned by Cntry Kadar (cntryx)
Thoroughbred-Corbin-owned by Jazz (jazzmyn.alex)
Tiger Horse-~ Mr. Tiger 8~-owned by Atlanta1 Georgia
Trakehner-First Choice-owned by Cinde Blackwolf (cinde.fate)
Waler-TF~Reeses Cup-owned by Ƭyℓᴇя FøяŠуϮн (tyler.dallas)
Westphalian-Tenebreuse-owned by Terri (terie.clyburn)

T&T Elegance Results March 19-26 2023


Champion: Dartmoor_Pony Brea Zadark MC Darts
Runner Up: Curly_Mini_Pony Sonsee MC-Orange Skewbald
3rd: Yakut_Pony Brea Zadark MC Yes Sir
Champion: Percheron Aubrey Hutson IMF Rock Your World
Runner Up: Friesian Mon Merryman Mystic Ashley
3rd: Drum_Horse Butthead IMF Leopard Piebald Drum


Ponies A – D:
Dartmoor_Pony Brea Zadark MC Darts
Dales_Pony Sonsee MC-Dorothy
Dales_Pony Onawa Doodles

Ponies E – G:
Eriskay_Pony Sonsee MC-Earl
Falabella_Pony Brea Zadark MC Fab
Fell_Pony Aubrey Hutson IMF Sir Spins A lot

Ponies H – N:
New_Forest_Pony Aubrey Hutson IMF Maple Leaf
Highland_Pony Malice Acanthus ~SYN~ Robert the Bruce
Kerry_Bog_Pony Sonsee MC-Kehlani

Ponies O – Z:
Yakut_Pony Brea Zadark MC Yes Sir
Sandalwood_Pony Sonsee MC-Sapphire
Yakut_Pony Sonsee MC-Yukinori

Mini Ponies:
Curly_Mini_Pony Sonsee MC-Orange Skewbald
Bebe_Pegasus_Mini_Pony Brea Zadark MC Button Bebe Mini
Mini_Pony Sonsee MC-Pot of Gold
African Breeds Division
Abyssinian Kinamalie Time of Healing
Abyssinian Beau Alitash
Barb Jazz Spike

Asian Breeds Division
Marwari Turtle Keshi
Mongolian Jazz Mongo
Mongolian Beau One Shade of Gray

Australian & European I Division
Noriker Kinamalie Kaikamahine pu u nui nani
Noriker Jazz Perfection
Brumby Kinamalie Mana o ma waho o ka pahu

European II Division
Brabant Mon Merryman Mystic Rock Your Dapple
Boulonnais Butthead IMF Boulonnais Gray
Belgian Jess Brewster-Kadar JB-Rose

European III Division
Percheron Aubrey Hutson IMF Rock Your World
Camargue Butthead IMF Camargue Silver
Breton Butthead IMF Red Roan Breton

European IV Division
Oldenburg Malice Acanthus ~SYN~ Compassion
Black_Forest_Horse Aubrey Hutson IMF Paja
Oldenburg Butthead IMF Oldenburg RFL Wish Oeuf

European V Division
Friesian Mon Merryman Mystic Ashley
Friesian Butthead IMF Ember Friesian
Icelandic_Horse Butthead IMF Ice StrawRoan Elem Water

European VI Division
Lusitano Malice Acanthus ~SYN~ El Noche~
Lusitano Jess Brewster-Kadar JB-Mictlantecuhtli
Swedish_Warmblood Jazz Soren

European VII Division
Gypsy_Vanner Jess Brewster-Kadar JB-Blazed
Clydesdale Mon Merryman Mystic Druid
Gypsy_Vanner Mon Merryman Mystic Snow Lady

North America I
American_Standardbred Aubrey Hutson IMF Fleur Blanc
Canadian_Pacer Butthead IMF Black Canada
American_Saddlebred Jess Brewster-Kadar JB-Belle

North America II
Drum_Horse Butthead IMF Leopard Piebald Drum
Drum_Horse Jess Brewster-Kadar JB-Lover Girl
Bashkir_Curly Butthead IMF Bashkir Sorrel Leopard

North America III
Mustang Jess Brewster-Kadar JB-Zion
Missouri_Fox_Trotter Butthead IMF Champagne Missouri
Paint Aubrey Hutson IMF Candyman

North America IV
Tennessee_Walking_Horse Jess Brewster-Kadar JB-Geoffrey
Tiger_Horse Atlanta1 Georgia ~Ms. Tiger 1~
Spotted_Saddle_Horse Leslie James-Wild RJC Spots

South America
Criollo Butthead IMF Criollo Bay Sabino Overo
Mangalarga Kinamalie Aloha ia u iho Aloha oe
Campolina Butthead IMF Campolina Dark Bay Tobiano

Pegasus jazz Proud Foot
Pegasus Kinamalie Ke Keiki Alii Gula
Desert_Kaiila Turtle Kral

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