ABC 3rd Party Show Results Jan 14-27 2024

Below you will find results of ABC 3rd Party Horse & Pony Shows from around the grid!

Green Acres Results Jan 14-20 2024


(Photos by Margo Coba)
Best in Show-MC-ShoeLace-Chestnut Leopard Falabella Pony owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
Runner Up-~HIPPIES OR BUST~-Gold Leaf Sandalwood Pony owned by Sweedy (swedishkraut)
Third Place-WoS Heart Throb-Black Blanket Pony of the Americas owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Honorable Mention-MC Freddie-Gray Tobiano Ballerina Falabella Pony owned by Brea Zadark
Best in Show-Calypso Dark Knight-Black Holsteiner owned by Suzy (suzy.silverweb)
Runner Up-~Zy~Kiss of Amber-Light Chestnut Friesian owned by Zyphire Acanthus
Third Place-~DD~ Daphnie-Dark Dapple Gray Lipizzaner owned by МÂŽϊƙĖĖŃ ⒸH乇尺Òʞ乇乇 (
Honorable Mention-GL~Cheezy-Palomino Florida Cracker owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ


MINI PONY-Rainbow Bright-owned by Onawa (onawabaya)
PONY BREEDS A-D-MC-A Toucan-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
PONY BREEDS E-G-MC-ShoeLace-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
PONY BREEDS H-N-MC-Noble Neo-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
PONY BREEDS O-Z-WoS Heart Throb-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
OUTSIDE THE BOX-PONY-MC-Aye i got the Blues-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
DRUM HORSE-WoS Get Outta My Swampp-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Dutch Warmblood-B-Silent Knight-owned by Jess Brewster-Kadar
Egyptian Arabian-Heba-owned by Anna Mae (buffy.bluewood)
Florida Cracker-GL~Cheezy-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
French Trotter-.JB-Jean-owned by Jess Brewster-Kadar
Friesian-~Zy~Kiss of Amber-owned by Zyphire Acanthus
GELDERLANDER-Soulful Dreamer ~L~-owned by ʚڰღʚÐJ LλղƈἶÅ WΛLҜEЯ ღʚڰ
Gypsy Vanner-~DD~ Toby-owned by МÂŽϊƙĖĖŃ ⒸH乇尺Òʞ乇乇
Hackney-Hotspur-owned by Anna Mae (buffy.bluewood)
Haflinger-WoS Badder Badder Swing-owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ (sexxy.shelman)
Hanoverian-Calypso Karamell-owned by Suzy (suzy.silverweb)
Holsteiner-Calypso Dark Knight-owned by Suzy (suzy.silverweb)
Icelandic Horse-GL~Miss Peridot-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Irish Sport Horse-MC-Donal-owned by Emily Sarducci (emilybrice)
Knabstrupper-WoS Hashtag Precious Spots-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Lipizzaner-~DD~ Daphnie-owned by МÂŽϊƙĖĖŃ ⒸH乇尺Òʞ乇乇
Lusitano-Mr. West ~LN~-owned by ʚڰღʚÐJ LλղƈἶÅ WΛLҜEЯ ღʚڰ
MATCHING VANITIES-~DD~ Angelo-owned by МÂŽϊƙĖĖŃ ⒸH乇尺Òʞ乇乇
OUTSIDE THE BOX-HORSES-Southern WindWalker-owned by Sweedy (swedishkraut)

Green Acres Results Jan 21-27 2024


(Photos by Margo Coba)
Best in Show-TVR Man with No Name-Taurus Clipping Welsh Pony owned by ღ Scooby Lomond Zepp ღ
Runner Up-MC-Swiftwind Morgana-Rainbow Roller Bebe Pegasus Mini Pony owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
Third Place-TVR Tinker Stinker-Be My Chocolate Cookie 2021 Yakut Pony owned by Will Lomond
Honorable Mention-FsF Being A Gentleman-Pink Dahlia Curly Mini Pony owned by Ƒȏу (foyla.shadow)
Best in Show-Devil Of A Lover-Valentine Carousel 2015 Paint owned by Frost (heroshimakusinagi)
Runner Up-MC-Cutie-Silver Dapple Morgan Horse owned by Emily Sarducci
Third Place-Heart of Desire-Heart Clipping Arabian Horse owned by Damaras Nightingale Snowfox
Honorable Mention-WoS Fyre-Dragon Clipping Noriker owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ


MINI PONY-FsF Being A Gentleman-owned by Ƒȏу Dαωѕση
PONY BREEDS A-D-MC Cherri-owned by Brea Zadark
PONY BREEDS E-G-TVR Seriously Red-owned by ღ Scooby Lomond Zepp ღ
PONY BREEDS H-N-MC-Snow White-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
PONY BREEDS O-Z-TVR Man with No Name-owned by ღ Scooby Lomond Zepp ღ
OUTSIDE THE BOX PONY-FsF Major Sun-owned by Ƒȏу Dαωѕση
MANGALARGA-Sweet Tabina ~L~-owned by ʚڰღʚÐJ LλղƈἶÅ WΛLҜEЯ ღʚڰ
Marwari-MC May Roman-owned by Brea Zadark
Missouri Fox Trotter-GL~Perfect Match-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Mongolian-~Graystoke~-owned by Sweedy (swedishkraut)
Morgan Horse-MC-Cutie-owned by Emily Sarducci (emilybrice)
MOUNTAIN PLEASURE HORSE-WoS Love Is A Hunger-owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Mustang-Mr. Warpaint Mustang-owned by Atlanta1 Georgia.
Noriker-WoS Fyre-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Norwegian Fjord-GL~Fjordor-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Oldenburg-FM Cares 2013-owned by Frost (heroshimakusinagi).
Orlov Trotter-DD ~ Oliver ~-owned by МÂŽϊƙĖĖŃ ⒸH乇尺Òʞ乇乇
Paint-Devil Of A Lover-owned by Frost (heroshimakusinagi)
Paso Fino-Cutie- owned by Emily Sarducci (emilybrice)
Pegasus-TVR Shimmer of Hope-owned by ღ Scooby Lomond Zepp ღ
Percheron-Pipp-owned by Anna Mae (buffy.bluewood)
Peruvian Paso-~LK~ Freddy-owned by Lμcιғєɾ ĸภϊğĥτ™
Pintabian-Paxton-owned by Anna Mae (buffy.bluewood).
MATCHING VANITIES-Heart of Desire-owned by Damaras Nightingale Snowfox
OUTSIDE THE BOX HORSE-Kill Or Be Killed-owned by Frost (heroshimakusinagi)

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