ABC 3rd Party Show Results Feb 25th-Mar 9th 2024

Below you will find results of ABC 3rd Party Horse & Pony Shows from around the grid!

Green Acres Results Feb 25th – March 2nd 2024


Best in Show-FsF Purple Dragons-Lavender Finch Bebe Pegasus Mini Pony owned by Ƒȏу (foyla.shadow)
Runner Up-WoS Elusive White Raven-Wings Clipping Shetland Pony owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ (sexxy.shelman)
Third Place-MC-Mister Craquelure-Mon Ami French Saddle Pony owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
Honorable Mention-Fiesta ~LN~-Fiesta de la Cactus Galiceno Pony owned by ʚڰღʚLλղƈἶÅ Constantine WΛLҜEЯ ღ
Best in Show-Fallen Angel-Feathers and Scales Knabstrupper owned by dove Redyard
Runner Up-~Faraway Fireworks~-Dapple Gray Irish Sport Horse owned by Shaz(babybadenough)
Third Place-~ DD ~ Zane-Dark Dapple Gray Lipizzaner owned by МÂŽϊƙ33Ń ⒸH乇尺Òʞ乇乇
Honorable Mention-WoS Perfect Darkness-Black Gypsy Vanner owned by (sthrnlegacy)


MINI PONY-FsF Purple Dragons-owned by Ƒȏу (foyla.shadow)
PONY BREEDS A-D-WoS Girls Best Friend-owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ (sexxy.shelman)
PONY BREEDS E-G-WoS Good At Goodbye-owned by Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
PONY BREEDS H-N-MC-Flower Power-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
PONY BREEDS O-Z-WoS Elusive White Raven-owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ (sexxy.shelman)
OUTSIDE THE BOX-PONY-WoS Emotional Touch-owned by Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Drum Horse-Artemis Drum-owned by dove Redyard
Dutch Warmblood-Doc-owned by Terri (terie.clyburn)
Egyptian Arabian-WoS Infinity Long-owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ (sexxy.shelman)
Florida Cracker-~FA~ Oliver Eighty-owned by Brooke Allure
French Trotter-~FA~ Perfect Lane-owned by Brooke Allure
Friesian-iske-owned by Luchia (buca0000)
Gelderlander-~DD~ Gerry-owned by МÂŽϊƙ33Ń ⒸH乇尺Òʞ乇乇
Gypsy Vanner-WoS Perfect Darkness-owned by Ɠυηηҽɾ Vαʅɖίs 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Hackney-TommY-owned by Damaras Nightingale Snowfox
Haflinger-BH Beckares-owned by Harrison Lygon
Hanoverian-Duke of Cambridge-owned by Damaras Nightingale Snowfox
Holsteiner-Tommy-owned by Nneina
Icelandic Horse-GL~Mr Peridot-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Irish Sport Horse-~Faraway Fireworks~-owned by Shaz ™ (babybadenough
Knabstrupper-Fallen Angel-owned by dove Redyard
Lipizzaner-~ DD ~ Zane-owned by МÂŽϊƙ33Ń ⒸH乇尺Òʞ乇乇
Lusitano-~Lulu~-owned by Anna Mae (buffy.bluewood)
Matching Vanities-~RR Misty Willow-owned by Shaz ™ (babybadenough)
Outside the Box–Horse-GL~Dunno-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ

Green Acres Results March 3rd – 9th 2024


Best in Show-WoS Thorunn-Sleipnir coat Faeroes Pony owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ Ʀαҽνყη 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Runner Up-MC-A Toucan-Toucan Avian Pony owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
Third Place-WoS Scooby-Dooby-Doo-White Dark Chocolate Timor Pony owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Ʀαყνҽη 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Honorable Mention-GL~Darren-Sunshine and Rainbows Mini Pony owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Best in Show-LK Miss Perfect-Dragon Clipping Noriker owned by Cntry Kadar (cntryx)
Runner Up-End of the Line-Silver Dapple Morgan Horse owned by Anna Mae (buffy.bluewood)
Third Place-Sharas Walkn on Air-Sooty Buckskin Mangalarga owned by Shazadi (shylanibethlynn)
Honorable Mention-FsF Greedy Gus-Buckskin Tobiano American Saddlebred owned by Ƒȏу (foyla.shadow)


MINI PONY-WoS Fruit Loop-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Ʀαყνҽη 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
PONY BREEDS A-D-MC-A Toucan-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
PONY BREEDS E-G-WoS Thorunn-owned by ϟ 丂ɦҽʅʅ Ʀαҽνყη 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
PONY BREEDS H-N-WoS All About The Braids-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Ʀαყνҽη 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
PONY BREEDS O-Z-MC-Walter-owned by Sonseeray (margo.coba)
OUTSIDE THE BOX-PONY-WoS Beauty of the Americas-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Ʀαყνҽη 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Mangalarga-Sharas Walkn on Air-owned by Shazadi (shylanibethlynn)
Marwari-JB-Kritika-owned by Jess Brewster-Kadar (jesse.brewster)
Missouri Fox Trotter-GL~Perfect Match-owned by Gᴀʙʀɪᴀɴ L. Eᴠᴇʀɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Mongolian-Ogedei-owned by Luchia (buca0000)
Morgan Horse-End of the Line-owned by Anna Mae (buffy.bluewood)
Mountain Pleasure Horse-~ DD Montie-owned by МÂŽϊƙ33Ń ⒸH乇尺Òʞ乇乇
Mustang-Mr. Warpaint Mustang-owned by Atlanta1 Georgia
Noriker-LK Miss Perfect-owned by Cntry Kadar (cntryx)
Norwegian Fjord-UD Lady Blue Eyes-owned by Uncle Dave (rofen.epin)
Oldenburg-~FA~ Ollie Oxenfree-owned by Brooke Allure
Orlov Trotter-Ollie-owned by Damaras
Paint-Ti penso sempre-owned by ʚڰღʚLλղƈἶÅ Constantineღʚڰ
Paso Fino-UD Webster-owned by Uncle Dave (rofen.epin)
Pegasus-WoS Sock It to the Storm-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Ʀαყνҽη 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ
Percheron-~FA~ Snow Twinkle-owned by Brooke Allure
Peruvian Paso-Ebony and Ivory-owned by Damaras Nightingale Snowfox
Pintabian-Sharas Pint of Power-owned by Shazadi (shylanibethlynn)
Matching Vanities-horse-WoS Cross of Redemption-owned by ϟ Ɠυηηҽɾ Ʀαყνҽη 丂Ϯ㊉яɱ ϟ
Outside the Box-Horse-FsF Greedy Gus-owned by Ƒȏу (foyla.shadow)

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