★ABC 2021 Winter Crown Cup Winners★

ABC recently held its annual Winter Crown Cup! Two amazing races that were thrilling to watch and kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Congratulations to the Winners of the ABC 2021 Winter Crown Cup and to the qualifiers!
Horse Sulky QL2
WIN: HAH Blaze  Owner: Alexis Lerner  Jockey: Charlotte5517 Resident
PLACE: JZ Star Treasure  Owner: Jazzieminne Resident  Jockey: Kei Saito
SHOW: NL Whooshy Sexy Trash  Owner: Draco Nacht  Jockey: Draco Nacht
Pony Sprint QL5
WIN: HAH Seeing Stars Jockey: Charlotte5517 Resident Owner: Alexis Lerner
PLACE: JDS ~ Oreo Express Jockey: JakeDeid Resident Owner: JakeDeid Resident
SHOW: TS – Pesso-Can Jockey: venera74 Resident Owner: venera74 Resident
Fishing Tournament Winners
1st Place: LoriAnneWhiteTiger Resident   2nd Place: Hannah Carrasco   3rd Place: RafaelaSky Resident
Mule Decorating Contest Winners
1st Place: Yokkho Resident   2nd Place: Orangino Resident   3rd Place: ghedrain Resident
1st Place: Yokkho Resident
2nd Place: Orangino Resident
3rd Place: ghedrain Resident

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