ABC 2019 Summer Crown Cup Qualifiers & Event Info

It’s time… The ABC 2019 Summer Crown Cup featuring the Pony Sled QL5 and the Horse Large Flat QL5 is here. ABC – Awesome Breed Creations would like to extend our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to the following Ponies and Horses and their Owners for qualifying. The qualifiers will compete for L$125,000 the Crown Cup (each race)! ABC Racing continues to grow and we are seeing the rewards for all the hard work. Not only by ABC Owners and the ABC Staff but the ABC Community.

The Summer Crown Cup will be held on July 20, 2019 @ 3 pm SLT on the ABC Track. First race will be the Pony Sled QL5 and the second will be the Horse Large Flat QL5.

♞PONY Qualifiers♞

The qualifiers are (in no particular order):

♞ Charlotte5517 Resident / CMS Dragon Waves

♘ Avalona Enchanted / Earth Shaker

♞ KirkJohn Huet / AwA Tigers Warrior

♘ Charlotte5517 Resident / CMS The Rabbit Left The Pit

♞ Castion Eyre / JRG~Skyfall

♘ reachtail Resident / Chippendales ~RS~

♞ reachtail Resident / Cocoa Pops ~RS~

♘ Draco Nacht / NL Tug Debate

♞ Alexis Lerner / HAH Just Dale

♘ Feather Fallen / AwA Double Lucky

♞HORSE Qualifiers♞

The qualifiers are (in no particular order):

♞ KirkJohn Huet / AwA SkybornGO

♘ Jessa Alberti / Solstice NightDare

♞ Draco Nacht / NL Bombshell

♘ Rebekah Exonar / HF Airborne

♞ reachtail Resident / Poetic Justice ~RS~

♘ Alexis Lerner / HF Manatee

♞ Tamirus Resident / TXB Blood Red

♘ KirkJohn Huet / AwA Artefuls Agent

♞ Draco Nacht / NL Polyester

♘ Rebekah Exonar / HF Smoke N Mirrors

Congratulations again to all the qualifying horses/ponies and their owners. Excellent breeding, training, and racing!

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