ABC 10 Years Letter & Gifts Info!

Greetings Aybeeseeurs! Well we did it. We made it 10 years and we couldn’t have done it without you Our Aybeeseeurs!, Our Community.

I think back to our beginnings and I am just in awe at how AWESOME everyone has been in keeping this company going. From our Artists to our VSR’s, our Auction Team to the Development Team. And finally from ALL the Managers to you Our Aybeeseeurs!

We… no I… no ABC is truly blessed to have each and everyone of you be a part of this, our Virtual World.

After 10 years, it’s time for YOU the ABC – Awesome Breed Creations Community to get the presents!! Starting sometime today and throughout the week, I’ll be sending out notices with little clues in them as to what your next gift will be. Feel free to discuss your thoughts and guesses in chat. Sometime after the clue another notice will go out with the location of the gift vendor. Please remember these gifts are just 1 per Avatar and there is no reason to stampede the vendor it’ll be out for a good amount of time so everyone can get theirs.

Once again I can never say Thank You enough times to anyone – The ABC Customers, The ABC Staff, & The ABC Managers. Together you all make the ABC Community and you’ve been a strong and giving force of nature within SL.

I look forward to another 10 years with y’all! ABC has some great projects already in development.

Thank you,
Stephanie Merrienboer, CVO
ABC – Awesome Breed Creations

Your 1st gift is at the ABC Fishing Area!

Your 2nd & 3rd gift is at the ABC Bid Board Area!

Your 4th Gift Is In Front Of Sentires Shop!

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