ABC Announces Winner of the Create A Pony – Lucky Charm Pony *Eris Emerald*


Congratulations to Eris Emerald the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the ABC Create A Pony Contest – Lucky Charm Pony (Prize Package: Badge, 15,000L & 200 Coins).

ABC Create A Pony Contest Winner - Eris Emerald

The Lucky Charm Create A Pony Contest started in August 2015. ABC knew that this was going to take a breeder quite a bit of time and combinations of breedings to accomplish the required traits to create this special horse.

Eris worked diligently to breed the Pony and Traits required to take home the contest win. almost 10 months of trials, combinations and trying to get these traits in her gene pool to produce the coveted Lucky Charm Pony.

The ABC Community worked tenaciously to get this combination and were able to achieve several of the levels. But in the end Eris Emerald reigned supreme and accomplished this daunting combination of traits that made up the “Lucky Charm Pony”

Congratulations Eris for your determination and diligence in breeding prowess!

What Next?

Now that the Grand Prize has been won and the contest is over… you can still breed for the Lucky Charm Quest on levels 1-4.

Breed: Connemara
Coat: Lucky Charm Light
Eye: St Patricks Day Carousel
Mane: Long Wavy
Tail: Up Wavy
Face Marking: Star Snip
Leg Marking: Sock_Sock

✪ Levels 1-4 (this is not repeatable – one level per person).
✪ To receive credit you must file a ticket with your horse ID and which level you are trying to complete.
✪ No Pets.

LvL 1 Breed, Coat, + One Trait-Badge
LvL 2 Breed, Coat, + Two Traits-Badge
LvL 3 Breed, Coat, + Three Traits-Badge & 10 coins
LvL 4 Breed, Coat, + Four Traits-Badge & 20 coins

Keep an eye for the next Breeding Contest (Coming Soon)!

Happy Breeding and Good Luck!


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Infinity "Snow" Breil

Infinity "Snow" Breil