💎ABC-January Garnet Starter 2023💎

The Garnet is tasked with revitalizing, balancing and bringing a sense of serenity to those that possess it. With kind deeds, comes good fortune… how better to start the new year than to bring home such wonder and beauty to your herd?

ABC happily presents our newest addition, the Garnet Starter Horse for your absolute delight.

“Find your center, your very core. Remember – your body isn’t just a projection of light, but also a reflection of your inner soul.” ~Garnet (Stephen Universe)

~ Garnet Starter Horse 800L$
~ Coat, Eye, Mane, Tail & Accessories on the Garnet Starters DO NOT pass.
~ Garnet Starters will Pet-Out at age 141
~ You cannot Insta-Pet this horse/pony.

Please visit ABC’s Main shop to get a Garnet of your very own!

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