💎ABC-February Amethyst Starter 2023💎

The February birthstone is said to strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage. At one time, only royalty could wear them. Amethysts have been associated with spirituality, mental clarity, and healing.

ABC happily presents our newest addition, the Amethyst Starter Horse for your absolute delight!

“I feel like I finally figured out what I’m supposed to do. I spent so long not knowing who I was or what I was made for. I had to figure that out for myself. And now, I think I’m good at helping other Gems figure that out for themselves, too.” ~Amethyst (Stephen Universe)

~ Amethyst Starter Horse 640L$ (20% off at Shop & Hop)
~ Coat, Eye, Mane, Tail & Accessories on the Amethyst Starters DO NOT pass.
~ Amethyst Starters will Pet-Out at age 141
~ You cannot Insta-Pet this horse/pony.

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Please Note:
Feb 2 2023-Early Access *you must join the Second Life Birthday Group
Feb 3 2023-Open to all

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