✰NEW ABC-Pegasus 2021✰

For as long as we’ve been children, captivated by the imagination and all that feels impossible… there have been creatures of mythic and legendary proportions.

One such beast, is the Pegasus, the winged horse taken to the skies and charging the clouds in play. We see them in movies, read about them in books, fantasize about riding upon their backs for a midnight flight…

Have you ever wanted to own such a creature as this?
If the answer is yes, then wait no longer. ABC proudly presents to our most amazing community… The Pegasus.

✰ Coat & Eyes pass ONLY through the bloodline ✰
Breed: Pegasus
Coat: Raven Mist
Eye: Raven Mist
Race: Large Flat
L$6000 Per Horse
Random Male or Female

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The Pegasus

Pegasus is probably the most famous creation to appear in the tales of Greek mythology with the imagery of the winged horse still used in modern advertisements and emblems.
Pegasus was not born in the normal manner although it might be said that the horse was an offspring of Poseidon and Medusa. [GreekLegendsAndMyths]



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