✰ ABC – RFL Stay Strong 2021 OOAK & Expo Info✰

Awesome Breed Creations will be participating in this years 2021 Second Life RFL Christmas Expo, The 12 Days of Christmas – December 3rd thru December 14th 2021. Our display will be offering 25L stocking stuffers and a special ABC Stay Strong 2021 set of Food Shells. All proceeds will be donated to RFL. Click Here To Teleport!

(Shells Only. No food included in purchase.)

✰ ABC Exclusive/OOAK – RFL Stay Strong 2021 ✰

Tis the Season… to bring forth a One of a Kind (OOAK) Horse to be auctioned on Dec 12th @ 10am – 1pm SLT.
That’s right, this horse will never be sold in stores so you have to know, he is pretty darn amazing!

✰ Coat & Eyes can pass through the bloodline ✰
Breed: Friesian
Coat: RFL Stay Strong 2021
Eye: RFL Stay Strong 2021
Mane: Long Crimped
Tail: Long Crimped
Face: Bare
Legs: Front: Classic <-> Back: Classic
Sprint : 0/100
Stamina : 0/100
Pull : 0/100
Speed : 0/100
Vitality: 0
Status/Pregnancy : Stallion
Sulky: Genetic QL: 6 Training QL: 1

The horse’s age will be turned back to 7 days old upon sale.

Bidding has already started at this location- OOAK Auction Area

***To place a bid: Be sure you are within 10 meters of the sign. Left click the sign and watch local chat for which channel it wants you to use, it changes, (example /35 5000). You will get a message in chat letting you know your bid is accepted. Please go slow and give it time to update. If you are outbid you should receive a message letting you know but due to lag it’s best to check back BEFORE the December 12th OOAK live auction. The highest pre-bid will be the starting bid at the live OOAK auction.

ABC Auction Houses @ RFL

Spots/donations still available, please contact the auction house owners for these auctions if you want to participate!

Click Here To Teleport To The Auction Area

-Dec 3-
Purple Meadows 4-7pm

-Dec 5-
ABC AH&T 12pm-3pm
Even Keel 4pm-7pm

-Dec 6-
The Forbidden Apple 11am-2pm
Summer Nights/Stables of Faith 6-9pm

-Dec 7-
Sheryffe 4-7pm

-Dec 8-
Calypso Key 12pm-3pm

-Dec 12-
OOAK LIVE AUCTION @ 10am – 1pm
Stormy Dawn 6-9pm

-Dec 13-
Mystical Gate 6-9pm

Click Here for the SL Christmas Expo Website!

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